MC Multi-Cloud:

1 High Level Component Definition and Architecteral Relationships 

The multi-cloud function provides mediation capabilities to connect to different infrastructure providers.

  • Adapt ONAP to VM based infrastructure such as openstack,Azure
  • Adapt ONAP to Container Orchestration Engine, such as K8S
  • Discovery and registration of resource information.
  • Relay FCAPS data from infrastructure to DCAE

2. MultiCloud API definitions

Multi-Cloud provides the following interfaces:

Interface NameInterface Definition Interface Capabilities

Resource Lifecycle Management Interface

Provides a course grain VNF level LCM interface in a template driven and cloud agnostic way


  • Infrastuture workload LCM (instantiate, query, Delete Infrastructure workloads)


 N/A Place holder for SDN interconnect interface

Envisaged Future Capability


Atomic Resource LCM

Provides a fine graned resource LCM interface at the VM level. This is an atomic resource level workload LCM (specific to openstack resources)


  • Image Management: (Create/Delete/Get Images)
  • Network Management (Create/Delete/Query connectivity)
  • Subnetwork Management ((Create/Delete/Query sub-networks)
  • Virtual Point Management (Create/Delete/Query Virtual endpoints)
  • Server Management (Create/Delete/Query Virtual Servers)
  • Heal Server
  • Flavour Management (Create/Delete/Query VM Flavors)
  • Volume Management (Create/Delete/Query Storage Volumes)
  • Tenant Management (Create/Delete/Query Infrastructure Tenants)


Placement Optimization Interface

Provides real time available capacity information


  • Query for real-time available capacity information

Cloud VIM Registration interface 

Expose Interface to trigger MultiCloud plugin to discover the infrastructure resource and register them to AAI


  • VIM Management (Update VIM info, unregister VIM info)

Note:   xxxI interface is a Component internal interface.  xxxxE interface is a component external interface

The current API documents can be found at: 

MultiCloud consumes the following Interfaces:

Interface NamePurpose Reason For Use
SDCE-6To receive the cloud orchestration artifact from SDC

Consume the services from the cloud provider.

It is specific to each cloud type (by plugin approach)

DCAEE-X Supply Virtual Infrastructure FCAPS Events to DCAE 
AAIE-1Consume the services from AAI to access infrastructure resource inventory

3. Component Description:

A more detailed figure and description of the component.

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4. known system limitations

Runtime: to be filled in

5. Used Models

Multi-Cloud uses the following models:

  • please fill in (and references if possible)
  • << include model that you recieve from SDC >>
  • << Include the model that you configure in the policy >>

6. System Deployment Architecture

Multicloud consists of X containers:

  • Do you have a figure here that?

7. New Capabilities in this Release

This release, Multi-Cloud adds the following Capabilities:

  • Add SDC client to retrieve the workload artifacts from SDC
  • Multicloud plugin service for OpenStack StarlingX
  • Multicloud plugin service for Lenovo ThinkCloud. 

8. References

  1.  Multicloud interface specification: 
  2. MultiCloud Architecture: 

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