This area is for analysis of features and one-pagers with a high level LOE from which Epics will be written for the Dublin Release

5G Use Case (Dublin)

Feature Name



PNF Plug and Play (Casablanca carry-over items)


  • Potential schema changes:
    • PNF
      • Enhance A&AI schema to support PNF inventory, its state, and topology / attributes unique to 5G PNF
      • Using the pnf-id (instead of pnf-name) as the index for PNF into A&AI. Achieve naming indexing consistency between PNFs and VNFs.
      • Migration for previously created PNFs

      • Impacts all API calls/all clients interacting with PNFs
        (alternate solution proposed: A&AI could provide a generic solution to redirect client request URI to a valid URI by translating the client's request to a valid URI)
    • Cloud-region
      • Tracking the Cloud Home Server (CLLI, Cloud ID); and association with the COMPLEX. (existing schema)
    AAI-2096 - Getting issue details... STATUS
PNF Pre-Onboarding & OnboardingModerate
  • Ingest and use 5G NF Packages (CSAR file), PNF Artifacts, Definitions, TOSCA-Metadata - Requires changes to A&AI model loader
  • Run-time catalog update to associate artifacts to a PNF
  • ONAP Run Time Activities: 5G Service Instantiation

AAI-2097 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 5G Network SlicingModerate

Advanced 5G functionality, for Network Slicing development and early steps in long-lead development.  Service slicing allows advanced steering of services, based on policy, GW loading, and other criteria. 

Maintain inventory of instantiated slice subnets, E2E slices, their states and their hierarchical relationship


• A&AI shall store vSSF (Virtual Slice Selection Function) inventory (and associated EMS inventory) and forward it to downstream systems (eg, DCAE, AOTS-M).  (Assumes ONAP will use a vSSF software product and a supporting EMS from some vendor.)
• Radio PNF’s are deployed and configured ( RA, TA’s & cells) and shall be persisted in A&AI.
• A&AI shall also contain inventory of available data centre sites with associated constraints.

AAI-2099 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 Bulk PM N/A

Performance Measurements 5G RAN Bulk Upload, Casablanca Carry-over items

No A&AI impact

Change Management Use Case (Dublin)

Feature Name



Schedule Optimization with Automated Conflict Avoidance

Test Only

Use existing GET Physical Server (pserver).
Traffic Migration WorkflowEasy
  • Retrieve VNF level ipv4-oam-address.
    generic-vnf.ipv4-oam-address (existing property)
  • Change in the VNF model to introduce an dt-anchor-point capability to vnf of vf. (new property in generic-vnf)
  • Change in the VNF model to introduce an dt-destination-point capability to vnf of vf. (new property in generic-vnf)
  • There is a need to hold pairs of (dt-anchor-point, dt-destination-point) to allow ScaleIn for any VNF in Virtual service. (new properties in generic-vnf)

AAI-2100 - Getting issue details... STATUS

5G PNF Software UpgradeEasy

SO verifies and queries A&AI for the appropriate PNF entry. (existing functionality).

• A&AI Entry of the PNF is updated with the appropriate software versions. Update Software Version in A&AI
pnf.sw-version property (existing property)

AAI-2101 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Feature NameLOEComments
BBS Broadband Service Use Case (Dublin)Test only

AAI's existing objects will be sufficient so satisfy the use case

AAI-1990 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CCVPN Use Case (Dublin)Moderate

AAI-1998 - Getting issue details... STATUS

K8S based Cloud Region SupportTest only

AAI-1340 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Continuation of HPA (Dublin)Test Only

VNF Scaling Program