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In collaboration with the ONAP Operations Manager project at ONAP - our current RI.

The goal of this page is to provide an E2E infrastructure for testing an hourly or triggered master/tagged build for the purposes of declaring it ready in terms of health check and use case functionality.  CD functionality includes providing real-time and historical analytics of build health via stored/indexed logs from the deployment jobs in our ELK stack that sits outside of ONAP.

Amazon AWS is currently hosting our RI for ONAP Continuous Deployment on my private account for now - I have requested a grant specific to the jenkins, kibana and cd instances.

see Cloud Native Deployment#AmazonAWS


TSC 2019-01-03

TSC-25 - Getting issue details... STATUS,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,29001640

ONAP Live AWS CD Servers


Live Cassablanca/master server

Login to Rancher/Kubernetes only in the last 45 min of the hour

Use the system only in the last 10 min of the hour

Currently off until the account resets to the next bill on 2nd Jan

Jenkins server

view deployment status, deployment (pod up status)

Paused until 2 Jan 2018

Kibana server "message" logs or view the dashboard

CD Architecture

CD Demo Videos

20171210 showing a full

CD job on the jenkins server

Kibana Dashboard of CD system diagnosing health check issues in an Hourly ONAP OOM Deploy

In the combined ELK and Kibana CD system below we can see that SDC is failing healthcheck on average about 35% of the time - this may be due to a gap between healthcheck using a 200 HTTP return, the SDC rest call timing out when Spring is still coming up on the servlet container or a dependency check in SDC itself on another component where a particular startup order or timing of calls exposes an issue - anyway the ELK system that consumes logs from the hourly build can identify issues like this or the 1 hour healthcheck failure in MSB below that for 14 components that was transient.

SDC-739 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OOM-496 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Shane Daniel has created a dashboard on our AWS POC that can be used to diagnose the health of the current hourly build based on logs generated by the health check running in robot off an hourly deploy of ONAP OOM (CI triggers are pending)

For example there was a hard coded token in kube2msb that was causing some healthcheck failures - notice the drop in failures 3 hours ago within an hour after the submit to the OOM framework (Immediate because the config is not currently part of the daily-only docker builds) for

Automated POC ONAP CD Infrastructure

Tracking JIRAs

INT-120 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OOM-150 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OOM-393 - Getting issue details... STATUS

A custom Jenkins job that runs a full deployment of ONAP OOM on another 64G VM is currently in progress.  There are pending design issues under vFirewall automation, reporting results and general resiliency.  

OOM Jenkins Automated Continuous Deployment Results

There are several methods of communicating the current deployment status being worked out.  Currently raw Jenkins build pages and POC dashboards in Kibana are being worked out.

Hourly Deployment Results
Jenkins Jobs
Live Kibana Dashboards

24 hour Dashboard - filtered on "message: PASS"

24 hour live deployment logs

The following is a split screen on an hourly build of OOM and the logs generated by the deployment process.

The following shows a rudimentry kibana dashboard of the current PASS numbers for ONAP OOM heath check.

Design Issues

DI 1: 20171112: dockerdata-nfs mounted as root conflicts with Ubuntu or Jenkins user

OOM-422 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DI 2: 20171112: Reference ELK stack outside of ONAP for CD infrastructure

LOG-50 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DI 3: 20171112: DevOps Jenkins and CD Docker Infrastructure

On AWS as EC2 instances running docker versions of Jenkins, Nexus and Gitlab

OOM-417 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CD instance is currently static until Rancher 2.0 is finished acceptance testing at ONAP

DI 4: 20171112: OOM Docker Image preload - to speed up pods to 8 min

OOM-328 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DI 5: 20171112: Strategy for Manual Config of Rancher 1.6 for Auto Create/Delete of CD VM

ONAP on Kubernetes on Amazon EC2#AWSCLIEC2CreationandDeployment

#20171029 POC working on EC2 Spot using AMI preconfigured with Rancher 1.6 server/client
aws ec2 request-spot-instances --spot-price "0.25" --instance-count 1 --type "one-time" --launch-specification file://aws_ec2_spot_cli.json
aws ec2 associate-address --instance-id i-048637ed92da66bf6 --allocation-id eipalloc-375c1d02
# DNS record set type A changes take 20 sec to propagate the internet - for a dig command to see them
aws ec2 reboot-instances --instance-ids i-048637ed92da66bf6

root@ip-172-31-68-153:~# kubectl cluster-info
Kubernetes master is running at

DI 6: 20171112: Migrate Jenkins job to ONAP sandbox

Cannot get creation access to via Jenkins -> Configuring Jenkins Jobs

current ssh config


/var/jenkins_home/workspace/shared_aws_201801.pem obr..._aws_20141115.pem

Automated ONAP CD Infrastructure

We need sufficient resources to run two (amsterdam and beijing/master) deployments either hourly or on commit-trigger demand. 

We also need devops infrastructure to provision the servers (an ARM DMZ jumbox), run the jenkins container and ELK containers (a single Kubernetes cluster)


ONAP Deployment Specification for Finance and Operations#AmazonAWS

nameproviderserverIP/DNSportresource grouptypevpc/vnsgaclcert/passsubnethostingtemplatepurpose








chaos monkey b*Azure


hammer the system up/down















Static Server 4 hour Deploy Frequency

Resource Deployment Scripts


# for recreation
ubuntu@ons-dmz:~$ sudo ./ -b amsterdam -s -e onap -r a_ONAP_CD_amsterdam_nodelete -t _arm_deploy_onap_cd.json -p _arm_deploy_onap_cd_a_parameters.json 


OOM Deployment Status


INT-332 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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