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  • Discuss Status and Demo
  • Discuss some Casablanca feature
  • Discuss upcoming bugfixes

Discussion items

10minStatus of Beijing CLAMPRon, Chris
  • Received fix from Policy
  • Successful test on SB07, walking through all flows OK
  • Next step is to test on SB04, TLAB
  • Demo
5minAAF integrationRon, Chris

Xue completed the integration with AAF, but still needs some jar file from AAF

We feel it is risky to integrate now so close to the release.

Chris to check if AAF is still necessary or if it could wait a post Beijing patch

10minMore granular Control loop associationRon, Chris

Future feature : Be able to associate control loops to a finer level, Ops people would like to get

more granular control, to ease the introduction of new control loops and ensure automation. Idea is to re use Guard policy to filter per location for instance

On the CLAMP side, the dashboard could also use this, needs to design this functionality.

Target Casablanca to support this kind of feature

Still need to clarify Casablanca Main driver

5 minFixes remaining on BeijingSeb/Ninoo/Ron

Some fixes are available but will wait for the demo to complete before commit. (SDC controller restart fix and Blueprint input).

Follow up on the strange messages received on the topic CLAMP is listening to.

Action items