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1vFW / vDNS

Intel / Windriver


vFW closed loop worked with instantiation from GUI (SDC/VID). Based on new closed loop for scale out (see test number 8), the old vLB/vDNS use case is onboard and instantiate regression only, which worked successfully.


vCPE Integration Test Case

Intel / Windriver


VNF onboarding and service creation passed

Service distribution passed

Infra instantiation passed

customer instantiation passed

ONSET event generated by DCAE

Policy send restart request to APPC

APPC send stop/start request to Openstack and vGMUX restarted

BRG tap-0 and tap-1 ports stay up for a minute before going down. Asking Intel team to look at the VNFs. Resolved after a meeting with Eric and documented the solution on use case wiki.

AAI-2076 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDC-2053 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DCAEGEN2-1106 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-2090 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDNC-593 - Getting issue details... STATUS

APPC-1367 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DMAAP-1010 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LOG-950 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OPTFRA-423 - Getting issue details... STATUS

APPC-1371 - Getting issue details... STATUS


vCPE with TOSCA VNF Test Case



ONAP installation and hearth check: 100%

VNF onboarding and service design passed

service distribution passed

service instantiation passed

service termination passed


5G - Real Time PM and High Volume Stream Data Collection - Integration Test Status



TLAB unavailable so using SB-05 instead.

24.01.2019 r:

Unable to test due to issues with pods for example dmaap-message-router and 56 another ones
root@oom-rancher:~# kubectl get pods -n onap | grep message
dev-dmaap-message-router-647bbfc54d-9tqq9 0/1 Init:0/1 10 1d

Comment from Yang: Marcin Przybysz Can you try again on SB-00? Now all dmaap pods are up on SB-00.


5G - PNF PnP - Integration Test Status


TLAB unavailable so using SB-05 instead.

24.01.2019 r:

Unable to test due to issues with pods for example dmaap-message-router and 56 another ones

root@oom-rancher:~# kubectl get pods -n onap | grep message
dev-dmaap-message-router-647bbfc54d-9tqq9 0/1 Init:0/1 10 1d


We observed an issue in PRH and reported a bug

INT-828 - Getting issue details... STATUS


5G - Bulk PM - Test Status

Intel / Windriver


TLAB unavailable so using SB-05 instead.


5G - OOF and PCI - Integration Test Cases

Intel / Windriver


Only OOF module was part of intergration testing (using Windriver Lab). Rest of use case was implemented as PoC only in Rutgers Winlab ONAP Wireless Lab (OWL)

Scale Out - Integration Test Cases and Status

Intel / Windriver


Tested manual scale out with SDNC and automated scale out with APPC and guard policies. No issues reported.

SO-1400 - Getting issue details... STATUS

9CCVPN Integration Test CasesCMCC


Two set of ONAP installation and hearth check: 100%

Resource onboarding and Service Design: 100%

service distribution: 100%(SOTNVPNInfraService SDWANVPNInfraService and WanConnectionService distribution passed, but site service distribution error)

Topology discovery: 100%

SOTN Link Management: 100%

SOTNVPNInfraService create: 100%


SDWAN service create: 100%

SiteService create: 100%

WanConnectionService create: 100%

Close loop: 100%

Site service Model parse error. SDC-1955 - Getting issue details... STATUS ,block site service creation

SO-1407 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-1417 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-1434 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDC-1955 have been verified and now it can parse site service correctly.

Updated the new SO version and retesting.


vFW/vDNS HPA Testing

(Test Plan 1 in

HPA & Cloud Agnostic Intent - R3 Test Plan)
Intel / Windriver


SO-1416 - Getting issue details... STATUS - using so 1.3.6 image, workaround is to manually increase the size of the column, the issue is supposed to be fixed in 1.3.7

MULTICLOUD-456 - Getting issue details... STATUS - Stack is successfully created in windriver but a timeout issue causes it to return as a failure during the vf module create process in ONAP and so the created stack is automatically deleted. Current workaround is to set suppress rollback to true when creating the vfmodule and so the created stack is not deleted although onap registers it as a failure

11Change Management - Flexible Designer & Orchestrator Intel / Windriver


Tested designer/orchestrator end-to-end on 1.3.5 Release with SO catalog-db-adapter being on 1.3.6.  Successfully tested the end-to-end functionality – activities distribution from SO to SDC, workflow creation and distribution to SO, and workflow execution in SO.

For SO activities only the A&AI-interfacing activities were functionally tested during workflow execution, since no suitable VNFs were available for testing APP-C-related ones, but used APP-C-related activities to create valid workflows.

12Change Management - Traffic Management-Intel / Windriver


Need to onboard dedicated version of vFW for Distribute Traffic: 100%

APPC-CDT Configuration: 100%

Ansible server must be configured: 100%

Test DistributeTraffic LCM and check traffic: 100%

Test on SB-00. So far tests are blocked and vFW DT service instance cannot be created. Service model cannot be distributed. No artifact are being distributed - in consequence service model is invisible in VID.

Comment from Yang: I just tested model distribution on SB-05, it works. So please use SB-05 to test.

SB-00 fails model distribution, but SDC health check passes and SDC DMAAP shows up, so please create a JIRA on SDC project.

Test is completed on SB-05


Change Management - 5G PNF in-place software upgrade

Intel / Windriver


LCM:upgrade-pre-check test: 100%

LCM:upgrade-software test: 100%

LCM:upgrade-post-check test: 100%

Comment from Yaoguang: due to VPN issues to Windriver lab, these tests were done at Huawei local lab. Note that only SDNC/CCSDK and the external controller/PNF impact the UC in R3.

14Change Management - Schedule optimizationIntel / Windriver


Functional testing completed by Jerry.