The child pages contain impacts, interface and test details for the PCI use case PoC that was completed in Casablanca release


  • ONAP Optimization Framework (OOF) provides a policy-driven and model-driven framework for creating optimization applications for a broad range of use cases

  • For Casablanca, OOF enhancements include formulation and solving of optimization problems

  • We propose an OOF enhancement and Proof of Concept (POC) for Casablanca for Physical Cell ID (PCI) Optimization

    • PCI Optimization is a well-understood problem

    • The reading/writing of the Physical Cell ID (PCI) configuration parameter has been included in SDN-C POC work

  • The objective of the POC is to demonstrate disaggregation of the PCI SON functionality, and the data flows needed to implement this in ONAP using OOF

  • We envision a new PCI-Handler Microservice to facilitate the data flow and trigger mechanism

  • The focus of the POC is on data flow and interfaces, and the role of OOF, PCI-Handler-MS, SDN-C Controller and Policy

    - Objective is to incorporate an algorithm in ONAP using OOF, not to develop an algorithm

Casablanca Plan

  • Minimum viable product to make incremental progress in ONAP core modules

  • Develop new PCI Handler microservice and ONAP interfaces and flows needed:

    • (a) to get the required network data to OOF for optimization

    • (b) compute an optimization

    • (c) apply policies

    • (d) execute it using the Controller

  • Casablanca test cases involve:

    • New PCI-Handler-MS (onboarded on DCAE) – interfaces to OOF, Policy, DMaaP

    • OOF – interfaces to PCI-Handler-MS, Policy, SDN-C, (A&AI?)

    • Policy – interface to PCI-Handler-MS, OOF, SDN-C

    • SDN-C – interface to RAN emulator, OOF, Policy, DMaaP

PCI Optimization based on trigger from SDN-C (RAN Config Change)

OOF - PCI Optimization - RAN Config Change Copy Copy

Flow Steps and Test Cases

StepComponentFunctionalityTest CaseImpacted APIStatus
1aPolicyPolicy updated with configuration and operational policies to support PCI Optimization

1bPCI Handler MS, DCAEPCI Handler MS onboarded on to DCAE, MS operational

1cOOFOOF models and solver defined to support PCI Optimization

1dSDN-CSDN-C updated to support PCI Optimization.
SDN-C has Config DB with config and element data

2PCI-Handler MS, PolicyFetch configuration policies
PCI-Handler MS fetches, and applies policies that specify how PCI-Handler-MS will respond to config change messages from SDN-C (via DMaaP)
Ensure that PCI-Handler-MS can fetch configuration policies from Policy.PCI-Handler-MS using direct Policy APINot tested
3RAN, SDN-CConfig change notification
RAN sends notification to SDN-C (e.g. Nbr list change)
Ensure that SDN-C can receive a notification from RAN for a configuration parameter change (e.g. NbrList)SDN-C southbound to RAN (netconf)Not tested
4aSDN-C, PCI-Handler MSPublish config data change
SDN-C publishes config data change on DMaaP. Subscribed by PCI-Handler-MS, A&AI (and others).
Ensure that SDN-C can publish to DMaaP a configuration parameter change (e.g. NbrList).
Ensure that PCI-Handler MS can subscribe to DMaaP and receive configuration parameter change message from SDN-C
PCI-Handler-MS / DMaaP
Not tested
4bSDN-C, PCI-Handler MSGet network config data from SDN-CEnsure that PCI-Handler-MS can query SDN-C to get required data (e.g. cellids, nbr_list, pci, lat/lon)SDN-C Config DB APINot tested
5PCI-Handler-MS, OOFRequest for PCI optimization for network region.
PCI-Handler MS invokes OOF for pre-defined workflow for PCI Optimization via REST API.This call includes data for the cell and the network reqion involved.
Ensure that PCI-Handler-MS applies configuration policies, processes configuration changes in steps 4a,4b, and sends a message to OOF PCI-Handler-MS / OOF (OOF PCI API)Not tested
6OOF, PolicyFetch PCI optimization policies
OOF fetches policies that specify how OOF will execute PCI optimization in response to PCI request for optimization
Ensure that OOF can fetch optimization policies from Policy, and applies it to invoke the appropriate solver moduleOOF / Policy (Policy API)Not tested
7OOF, SDN-CFetch Config data for cells in the region.
OOF fetches data for cells in network region from SDN-C
Ensure that OOF can query SDN-C to get required data (e.g. cellids, nbr_list, pci, lat/lon)OOF / SDN-C (SDN-C Config DB API)Not tested
8OOF, PCI-Handler-MSRecommended PCI configuration
OOF provides PCI recommendation to PCI-Handler-MS in response to the request in Step 5
Ensure that OOF provides output of PCI optimization to PCI-Handler-MS in response to request in Step 5OOF / PCI-Handler-MS (OOF PCI API)Not tested
9PCI-Handler-MS, PolicyRecommended PCI configuration.
PCI-Handler-MS provides PCI recommendation to Policy
Ensure that PCI-Handler-MS sends a message to Policy with recommendation for new PCI values for set of cells, along with reason for oprimization computation (RAN config change)PCI-Handler-MS / Policy (DMaaP)Not tested
10Policy, SDN-CPCI Configuration decisions
Policy sends message to SDN-C with instruction for configuration changes
Ensure that Policy applies operational policies to PCI change recommendation, and if appropriate, sends a message to SDN-C with instruction to change PCI value to set of cellsPolicy / SDN-C (DMaaP)Not tested
11SDN-C, RANChange PCI Configuration.
SDN-C applies config changes
Ensure that SDN-C can send config change instruction to RAN element to change PCI valueSDN-C southbound to RAN (netconf)Not tested
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