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EXT API Bug Fix update - EXTAPI-602 - multiple instantiations of same service fails IN PROGRESS

From TSC meeting TSC 2022-04-28

  • EXTAPI Short Term
    • Fix merged and validated. Release image to be finalized by RC / May 12th, 2022
  • EXTAPI Long Term plan: Find project to take over the "nbi" repo to support Slicing use case
    • Suggestion from Seshu Kumar Mudiganti - SO can't take over the entire repo
    • Exploring other options but no conclusion at this stage

Update on Core Slicing issues:

1) 2)

  • SO-3810, SO-3835 in progress
  • CBA package from I release not working properly, getting help from Sashmita.
    • Able to create core slice, NFs are updated, error with service instantiation in the 2nd time (4/19/2022)
    • Testing on new CBA package (4/26/2022)
  • SO-3838 blocking integration testing.
  • Need update on these issues

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