Brief Project Overview (brief as it should be known)

  1. Logging deploys an ELK stack set of containers via OOM (Logstash, ElasticSearch and Kibana) - selected onap components add a filebeat sidecar container to ship/stream formatted logs to this elk stack - see the diagram with the small boxes streaming logs to this ELK stack.

  2. New component capabilities for Dublin, i.e. the functional enhancements.
      1. get as many projects as possible to adopt the casablanca logging guidelines - ONAP Application Logging Specification v1.2 (Casablanca)
      2. work on the dublin logging guidelines changes for adoption in elalto - minimal so far - ONAP Application Logging Specification - Post Dublin
      3. prometheus work was slated but has been moved to the OOM scope -  LOG-911 - Getting issue details... STATUS  via  OOM-1502 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      4. see Logging Dublin Scope
  3. New or modified interfaces
        1. none
  4. If they are modified, are the backwards compatible?
  5. Interface naming (point to an example)
    1. There are no actual interfaces (no REST ones) - there is a logging specification - how the projects get there is usually a jar - we have provided a spring based AOP jar and an example war
    2. There are ELK ports - specifically the logstash:5044 port - most projects stream logs to this port - there is an example of how to do this in
    3. there are at least 4 logging libraries in portal/sdk, so, aai - for now projects just use their own AOP or non-AOP jar - there is an example reference since early casablanca in Logging Developer Guide#JAVA:AddingLoggingtoaWARProject - but the plan for Dublin was (more likely Elalto) - to adjust the portal/sdk library to use the proposed spec - then we get a couple projects for free as we work on the remainders -  LOG-600 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  6. Reference to the interfaces.

  7. What are the system limits?

    H/A using Kubernetes, will need pod anti-affinity rules for some components like AAI (AAI and logstash not on the same K8S cluster VM).

  8. Involved use cases, architectural capabilities or functional requirements.
      1. Any that cause transaction logs in any ONAP component currently streaming logs
      2. not to be confused with the CLAMP elk stack
  9. Listing of new or impacted models used by the project (for information only).
      1. None
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