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Recurring Meeting, Weekly Monday, 9:00-10:00 AM EST. 

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Access code: 739 028 443 

MUSIC Basics:


An example voting application that tells you how to code for MUSIC:;a=tree;f=examples/VotingApp;h=0694788f0302d061d380802f86cc8a505cdb4db8;hb=9b6efbd93a12c858a0d2643013217ec3d6c3a46d


Project Proposal

Release Planning

Amsterdam Release

  • Music project was not part of Amsterdam Release scope.

Beijing Release

  • M1 Release Planning link

  • M1 Release Planning Checklist link
  • M2 Functionality Freeze Checklist link
  • M3 API Freeze Checklist link
  • M4 Code Freeze Checklist link
  • RCx Checklist link
  • Sign-Off Checklist link

Cassandra Release

Place for whatever the team needs



Basic Benchmarks

Minutes (02/12/2018)

  • We are more or less ready for M2, in that only two items here are showing as in progress - sonar integration for the test cases and CSIT integration with the Robot framework. 
  • Tom is working on the sonar integration and he will discuss the Robot framework integration with the OOF and Portal teams internally. 
  • Shashank to create a link under the KV store project for the freeze check list and MUSIC will link to that. If possible, by EOD. 
  • @Vishwa, Greg: You were not there for the call today, but I was telling Tom that we will sit down look at the Jira entries and start dividing the work up. For example, Tom could use some help with this SONAR integration which is essentially a task involving multiple rounds of communication with LF. How would you prefer to operate? I assign Jira tickets to you guys or you go pick yourself? Either ways is fine for me!

Minutes (02/05/2018)

  • Tom: Music code is in there but Bharath, the PTL, needs to review it. 
  • Shashank: Distributed KV store will stay in Consul since config4j supports only that. Maybe a change of name? Also, by end of week basic test cases and API documents (maybe even as a pdf while Sashank explores Swagger integration).
  • Vishwa: To integreate with OOM first need to make sure containers are created as part of build. 

Minutes (01/29/2018)

  • Import MUSIC code from ATT to ONAP by end of week [Tom] 
  • Prepare draft of functional test cases before next meeting [Bharath, Tom, Garima]
  • OOM integration [Tom to create JIRA entry, Vishwa will track this with OOM]
  • Understanding Distributed KV store responsibilities regarding  milestones  [Sashank] 
  • Potential integration of Distributed KV store as a recipe on top of MUSIC [Sashank]
  • Greg will generally be available to handle JIRA issues once prioritized
  • Agenda for next meeting: Go over all the above and deep dive of MUSIC concepts  [Bharath] 
  • Send invite for regular meeting slot [Bharath]

Minutes (09/09/2018)

  • Brendan to work with Greg Waines to fix his installation issues
  • Follow up with Tom on MUSIC helm charts
  • Invite IBM folks and Subhash to MUSIC basics meeting
  • Brendan to run Akka with disk based backup and Cassandra based backup (

4/4 2019

  • Abhay to implement the get version as part of OOM CSIT
  • Brendan to remove dev branch
  • Brendan to remove mdbc benchmark security issue

3/25 2019

  • IBM team to revert back to explicit ORM as opposed to spring data cassandra
  • Sudarsan progressing with Helm
  • Abhay progressing with Robot

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