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2018 Modeling Subcommittee Recordings

Duration 60 minutes

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5ONAP Model Governance Approved

Approved version on wiki

Approved ONAP Model Governance

 5 Resource IM report

Discussed abstract NF (Network Function) concept and plan for future proposals.

Kevin Scaggs and Chesla Wechsler will provide additional contributions.

Initial proposal shows difference between on-boarding and internal model as an initial draft. Clarifying relationship between on-boarding and internal model. Further work will be accomplished based on input wiki page.

 5 Service IM report

Please add your topic or proposal under 'Proposed Agenda' in this page ( ONAP R4+ Service Modeling Discussion Calls ) for 11.14 Service IM call.

Discussed Service Instance model. And how to model NS in A&AI. Alignment of attributes. Most attributes clarified.

Follow-up : NS Level and Flavour ID (need Arch team input)

Discussion on how to represent Service Specific attributes (e.g., Bandwidth, QoS, SLA) in A&AI Chesla Wechsler is following up.

 5 DM report

Did not meet

10Development Process Improvements for ModelingKevin Scaggs

Release specific model milestones need to have more formal description of what is expected at each milestone.

Need involvement of components

Review proposed M3 checklist

Please review and provide comments on: Proposed M3 Checklist modeling updates discussion

Review Material presented by Kevin: <link>


Updates to Papyrus Modeling Process

Process proposal presented. Posted on wiki for additional comments. Will review comments next week (Nov 20).

Proposal may be found here: <link>

Use of stereotypes to move from working to master to indicate maturity level of model elements

Need mapping of stereotypes to the approval status.


R4 Modeling for Controller (SO identification of proper controller) ProposalBenjamin Cheung

Modeling subgroups should assess impacts and report back .


Controller to NF Association.

Can "Owning Entity" relationship be used to describe the "Technology Domain" (need to assess in Resource Info Model.

Can also apply NF Type/Role/Function

Possibly use "Line of Business" as well to tag NFs

Map to Persona Type (not controller instance)

Benjamin Cheung and Chesla Wechsler to discuss during Ben's Wednesday call, and provide model recommendations at next weeks Service IM call.

15TOSCA Task Force (Update)Alexander VulEarlier on the agenda next week.


Agreement on ??


Andy Mayer will summary page for a table sub-teams showing work and status of on-going topics. (input, discussed, working, approved) and time-frame.

(reach out to subteam leads). 

Next week: Using JIRA for tracking modeling subcommittee tasks Michela Bevilacqua

Chesla Wechsler Alexander Vul Jessie S Jewitt to review and make a proposal for renaming the term "internal model" where such models are shared across the platform (one proposal was "platform model")

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