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Guilin city center

Release Schedule r4 

Change Log

DateEvent or UpdateMilestones Affected
June 24Initial version of schedule approved by TSC by mail vote.


July 9M1 milestone requirements not met.  TSC agrees to slip M1 to July 13.M1
July 13M1 milestone requirements not met.  M1 slips to July 16.M1
July 16Project milestone status 100%, but requirements still not resolved. M1 slips to July 23.M1
July 23TSC approved M1 (2 week slip from original plan)M1
August 6M2/3 milestone reqirements not met.  M2/3 slips to August 11M2/3
August 13TSC approved M2/3 with conditionsM2/3
September 10TSC agrees that M4 milestone requirements not met.  Agrees to review again on Sept 17.M4
September 17TSC approves M4 with exceptionsM4
September 18Propose moving RC0 to Oct 12, and remaining milestones move out by 1 week (sign off, Nov 12).RC0, RC1, RC2, Sign-off
September 24TSC approved moving RC0 to Oct 12, and remaining milestones out by 1 week

RC0, RC1, RC2, Sign-off

October 12RC0 requirements not metRC0
October 19RC0 requirements not metRC0
October 22Proposal:
Move RC1 to Nov 5
Move RC2 to Nov 19 and combine with Sign-Off
RC1, RC2, Sign-Off
October 22RC0 approved with caveat that war room continue to resolve SO/OOM issuesRC0
October 22Schedule proposal approvedRC1, RC2, Sign-Off
November 12TSC approved merging RC1 with RC2 and sign-off on Nov 19RC1, RC2, Sign-Off
November 19RC1 / RC2 / Sign Off moved to Dec 3RC1, RC2, Sign-Off
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  1. David McBride  - I dont see the release calander here. Are the guilin timelines posted at some other place?

    1. Vijay Venkatesh Kumar - schedule proposal now available.

  2. David McBride  I would like to support the request from Vijay Venkatesh Kumar . People in my organization are asking for the Guilin planning too.

    1. Damian Nowak - schedule proposal now available.