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TSC M2 Scorecard

In release requirements page:

Frankfurt Release Requirements (TSC has already approved Green status for M1 U/C).

RTCfgDB U/C is YELLOW Stretch goal for CCSDK, SDN-C. Possibly comment added by David McBride or Catherine

CCSDK, SDN-C - Dan Timoney MVP (min viab. product) discussed on SDN-C call. Req not totally clear, schema model. Take what is in ConfigDB; finalize the Data Model approach.

MEETING HELD   - Yuriy Malakov Vimal Begwani Benjamin Cheung Joanne Liu Rudel  - discuss way forward, regarding the TSC M1 Score card problem  YELLOW Stretch goal for CCSDK, SDN-C. For R6 The RTCfgDB could part of CC-SDK instead of an independent project. Dan Timoney responded to an email (see following text). Yuriy and Dan could help setup the RTCfgDB as a part of CCSDK. The team continues with the Project Proposal during R6 then present at the Architecture S/C and TSC S/C. ConfigDB already runs as a Virtual Machine. Being part of CCSDK repo. Do we want this to be a PoC? Is the CCSDK scope changing - CCSDK already DBaaS (Database as a Service). what kind of database in CCSDK? MariaDB. Create new docker. (1) potentially what we have today in ConfigDB take it fwd as separate VM or integrate into CCSDK (2) Data model approach. - Q: could this be done as features or as a separate Repo. S/W stack spring framework, connect to underlying DB. created as a new RTCfgDB docker and RESTAPIs. A separate repo is not necessary for this. CCSDK through DGs talk to DB. DT: The way we setup commitments, tied to priorities/Jira epics. Assign priorities if rated as #0 highest, .. rank #3 med if scale back ok; SDN-C & CCSDK reusable, SDN-C create dockers, DGs. creating specific persona. new capabilities in CCSDK. in SDN-C changes to USE these new capabilities. DT: "do we plan to do it? yes" what we mean by a stretch goal is just that it isn't a rank #0, rank #1, ... if you commit to a #3, and you say no to a #0/#1.

CCSDK, SDN-C call - ConfigDB is already part of DBaaS. Req not finalized. Data model already in use. and API creation. During the SDNC CCSDK weekly call.

Email from Dan Timoney  

My understanding from Sandeep was that this work was very much a stretch for Frankfurt.  So, I’m okay with work starting in Frankfurt, as long as its structured so that it’s a separable component (i.e. as long as, if it’s not completed in Frankfurt, the platform is not fundamentally broken). I would NOT support creating a separate repository, since there is a fair amount of overhead involved in maintaining each repository on an ongoing basis – both machine and human resources.  The Linux Foundation itself has been pushing back on the number of repositories the ONAP projects have and there is now a new approval process needed in order to add new ones.  If a new repository is needed, then this team will need to convince me why no existing repository can be used AND will need to provide a resource who is willing to maintain that repository (i.e dealing with security vulnerabilities; policing code coverage ; doing release builds, etc).

  • ACTION: for Sandeep Shah / API Documentation - freeze, the schema for the RunTime DB needs to be defined. Sandeep Shah has indicated it is ready. Need to see code to that effect. Should be documented somewhere.
  • ACTION: State that: Want SDKs in CCSDK to do a code drop a M3, Runtime DB wouldn't be part of that since it is new, we'll have code ready by M4, but not by API freeze. That should be ok because we don't have external dependencies. M2/M3 deliverables tracking in Jira need to document that we will document at Code Freeze M4. This is the Jira I was referring to re: early delivery of CCSDK - CCSDK-1963 - Getting issue details... STATUS I added a comment to that Jira indicating that Runtime Config DB will not be part of early drop, but rather will be delivered at M4. we passed M2/M3 milestone, should double-check with Sandeep Shah  & Dan Timoney
  • ACTION: M2/M3 3GPP SA5 meeting > VES Event specification (7.1 10-Dec-2018) > Some of the updates in VES R6 in question & debate. FM Fault notification; CMNotify pushed out of R6. Alok G. out on medical leave. Albino Pinho, Steven Stark, Greg Patterson, Trevor Lovett . Wipro team is looking to create a CMNotify mock-up for testing & demo purposes. Sandeep Shah  ; place on DMaaP and have them parse.
Project Proposal

RunTime Config DB Project Proposal (Oct 25 2019)

Project Proposal work to be done during R6. Project Proposal for R7.

Presentation at Arch S/C and TSC during R6.

  • ACTION: For Performance (#@#) open items to get ballpark figures for # API requests.
CCSDK-based Solution

Project as part of CCSDK

  • ACTION: Sandeep Shah Presentation of new architecture with CCSDK.
  • ACTION:  Architecture Wiki for CCSDK to include the component. ARC Controller Component Description – Frankfurt added in Section 6 System deployment architecture. Separate container. Added to Diagram. Updated Section 7 New Release Capabilities & Linked to U/C page.
  • ACTION: Development demo & progress in use on OOF/PCI/SON Use Case. Validation tool & generation of schemas/tables of input conditions of yang model. Planned SQL Schema model driven database work. Once we have schema can SDNR update/provision the schema. Can parsing code be model driven.



VES Event Listener Draft 4

Version 7.1.1

OOF SON PCI Usage of RtCfg DB



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