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Detailed planned for this version

High level planning page:  Honolulu Release Requirements 

Requirements to be submitted till: 10/16/2020 , Initial release date: 1H21

Possible development start: 11/2020

Start could be: 

The root EPICs for project ONAP CCSDK/SDNC are here: TO BE UPDATE: CCSDK Guilin Release Planning

  1. Top level, server and solution:  SDNC-1379 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. ODLUX:  CCSDK-2882 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Topic list

  • (TOP Leve request?) Initial data for devices: SDN-R interfacing with Configuration & Persistency Service
  • Via ONAP/SDNC Project
    • Prio1: ODL Aluminium (CCSDK) Prio2: ODL Magnesium
  • MVP Solution
    • Prio 2: Integrate/ deploy Tile-server
  • Server related
    • Prio 1: Move oran devicemanager to ONAP/SDNR  SDNC-1378 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Prio 1: Elasticsearch authentication
    • Server parts for User management
    • Topology Server→ Typescript to Java 11 (Spring MVC) 
    • Prio 2: RESTCONF 1 to N message router
  • ODLUX:  CCSDK-2882 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • Prio 1 MVP User management (User management
      • Integrate container with openIdentity interface and Usermanagement
      • As close as possible to ONAP
        • openIdentity interface
        • ONAP Usermanagement feature status not really clear → Own shiro based solution
          • Combine AAF needs and ODL shiro with own service
          • Not: ODL MD-SAL based authentication
      • BasicAuth → openIdentity token
    • Prio 1 Framework maintenance
      • Update Typescript Version
      • Update material-ui Version
      • Update react version
      • Extend aria-labels
      • Table enhancements: 
        • Prio 2 Add right-click context menu 
    • Prio 1 Update NetworkMap (details tba) .. prereq: User management with personal data
    • Prio 1 Update LinkCalculator (details tba)
    • ConfigApp
      • ConfigApp: group root objects and lists per yang module  CCSDK-3023 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Add dashboard  CCSDK-2566 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • ConfigApp
    • ConfigApp: Consider yang statements 'when' and 'must'
    • ConfigApp: Show key values of list members using appropriate RestConf filters
    • ODLUX/RESTCONF: Switch from NetConf "replace"to NetConf "merge" requests -  SDNC-1158 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
      (Attribute changes in root objects without handling the whole tree)
  • Decoupling ODL/Restconf <↔> Devicemanager (Impacts → More after Guilin, open discussion)
  • Netconf CallHome ( Integrate Operational Mountpoints.

Details for

Honolulu related SDNC/CCSDK Jiras (not closed)

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