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 | 9am PDT |  noon EDT | 16:00 UTC | 18:00 CEST | 21:30 IST 

Meeting ID: 890 6970 8424



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Next meetings: 

2021-05-19: John Keeney

2021-05-26: Martin Skorupski

2021-06-02: John Keeney 

2021-06-19: Martin Skorupski


Status reports:


LFN ONAP Honolulu Webinar

00:20Topology ModelAndy Mayer

MEF, O-RAN are looking into topology model

  • MEF is using TAPI for Ethernet
  • Feedback by Alex - move to yang 1.1? → ask Karthik (wink) 

for discussions: Proposed Topology IM Sketch

Examples needed to drive the modeling 

  • UE needs to be part of a RAN topology



O-RAN-SC O-DU integration tests

  • VES:pnfRegistration
  • no docker - directly on VM


00:??Use Case


OSC Proposed e2e integration use case: O-RU FH connection recovery

<bridge dropped recording stopped at this point. Most participants reconnected once bridge started again>

  • Topology ??: (contd)
    • John Keeney Lots of options for how this should be done properly in ONAP.
    • Swaminathan Seetharaman ONAP usecases already have some plans for this e.g. slicing, oof,  etc
    • Andy Mayer A model should be agreed in ONAP. Lots of previous discussions in ONAP - e.g. what goes in A&AI and CPS ... but that was a while ago.
    • Martin Skorupski SDNR has some topology model too - not standards based.
    • @Sven John Keeney Martin Skorupski Lots of issues with different topology models ... and most existing hierarchical models break down in a 5G/CloudRan environment
    • Lots of work ... Andy Mayer Martin Skorupski Can create a JIRA in ONAP MODCOM ...
    • ... but will keep it simple here for this use case.
  • @? Will other O1 usecases be effected? Martin Skorupski i No. O1 functions continue as before.
  • Martin Skorupski Please add feedback if any

Action items