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 | 9am PDT |  noon EDT | 16:00 UTC | 18:00 CEST | 21:30 IST 

Meeting ID: 890 6970 8424



Discussion items


Next meetings: 

2021-10-13: Martin Skorupski

2021-10-20: John Keeney 

2021-10-27: Martin Skorupski

2021-11-03: John Keeney 



  • Non-RT-RIC: John Keeney
  • SIM: Alex Stancu
    • callhome via TLS 1.3.5 
      • only with ODL silicon 
  • OAM: Martin Skorupski
    • (E2E) Network slicing → dev of a use-case specific (hello-world) yang including cell, radio-resource-management and pm-jobs
    • CR preparation for PM-streaming (lead David Kinsey)
  • O-DU:HariomGupta(HCL)
    • kind of blocked due to the fact that there is the debate about yangs
    • internal homework
  • RSAC/SMO: @Rittwik Jana


  • O-RAN
    • A1 APIs
    • O1 APIs
    • O2 APIs
  • 3GPP
    • used by O-RAN O1 interface (yang, ves)
  • others

Idea - bring it to LF level

  • ONAP → ONAP TSC → Kenny (include LF legal, ETSI legal)
00:36SMO package

updates and current status, challenges (if any (smile))

  • POWDER lab (David) - is going to use the SMO package in the "profiles)
  • SMO and SIMs are deployed as helm including configurations (topology) of the CNFs
    • RU - callhome; fault
    • DU - ves-pnfRegistration; fault
  • next step
    • test automation of E2E functions (python)


@Pawan Kumar

When are rApp and R1 be implemented in ONAP?

  • John Keeney Neither are very well defined yet ... but in OSC & ONAP we are trying to guess at some of the parts that will eventually be useful for supporting R1 & rApps ...
    • App LCM
    • uService LCM & management (for rApps with microservices)
    • ONAP Tosc-defined Control Loop evolution (for rApps with multiple constituent parts including non-microservice parts, e.g. policies, workflows, configurations, templates, blueprints, etc)
    • ONAP SMO services - which may become/inform R1 services (e.g. CPS, Data collection, File collection, VES termination, Topology & inventory, Orchestration etc)
    • Service exposure & discovery & authorization & access control (which will likely be useful for R1 - service independent)
    • App sandboxing & controlling App <-> SMO interactions (which will likely be useful for R1 enforcement)
    • etc ...

Attempting to get ONAP & NonRTRIC & nearRTRIC functions running



O-RAN SC: Copying/Releasing helm charts in O-RAN-SC nexus repo (maybe restricted access?!?!)

Status: canceled (Nexus does not support Helm chart distribution)

Question from O-RAN-SC to ONAP: What is possible in ONAP nexus?

Sébastien Determe: adds some info

Idea: store the artifacts - instead of helm -  RELENG-3837 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Christophe Closset: ONAP on the way to move for helm charts to gitlab....

Action items