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 | 9am PDT |  noon EDT | 16:00 UTC | 18:00 CEST | 21:30 IST 

Meeting ID: 890 6970 8424



Discussion items


Next meetings: 

2021-10-20: John Keeney 

2021-10-27: Martin Skorupski 

2021-11-03: John Keeney  (daylight saving has ended in Europe → meeting happens ____ )

2021-10-10: Martin Skorupski



  • Non-RT-RIC: John Keeney
    • progress on onap control loop function for rApps
      • how to package an rApp - also a discussion on WG6 and WG10 
  • SIM: Alex Stancu
    • dev of addressing SMO by hostname not by IP:port
  • OAM: Martin Skorupski
    • generation of an O-RAN topology (SMO, Near-RT-RIC, O-CU, O-DU, O-RU, UE)
      • possible usage for the RU-recovery-app
      • possible usage for helm generation (???) 
    • warnings: 
      • no agreed model
      • every app my need a different view
  • O-DU:HariomGupta(HCL)
    • 3gpp yang model usage in discussion
    • several jiras created
  • RSAC/SMO: @Rittwik Jana
00:25OPS 5GDavid McBride 

OPS 5g contacts

  • please see minutes from 2 weeks ago
  • Doug, Neil, Ryan, Andy, Arnold, Loui - welcome!!! (smile)

Mini summit from 2021-10-11 - recordings and presentations should be available soon - maybe even on youtube

  • interfacing with Acumos
00:36SMO package

updates and current status, challenges (if any (smile))

  • POWDER lab (David) - is going to use the SMO package in the "profiles)
  • SMO and SIMs are deployed as helm including configurations (topology) of the CNFs
    • RU - callhome; fault
    • DU - ves-pnfRegistration; fault
  • next step
    • test automation of E2E functions (python)

Work in progress

  • Pull request to O-RAN-SC it/dep gerrit in progress for helm and helm-overwrites 
  • Xue is testing the end-to-end functions and updates of ONAP components (compared to the O-RAN-SC D-Release versions)
  • more flexible deployment option 


N.K. Shankaranarayanan 

YANG model O-RAN-SC and SCCL license process

There is a difference between open-source and public available 

Discussion with between O-RAN and O-RAN-SC does not cover 3GPP yang models



O-RAN SC: Copying/Releasing helm charts in O-RAN-SC nexus repo (maybe restricted access?!?!)

Status: canceled (Nexus does not support Helm chart distribution)

Question from O-RAN-SC to ONAP: What is possible in ONAP nexus?

Sébastien Determe: adds some info

Idea: store the artifacts - instead of helm -  RELENG-3837 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Christophe Closset: ONAP on the way to move for helm charts to gitlab....

Action items