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17:00 UTC, 09:00 PST, 12:00 EST,  17:00 GMT, 18:00 CET, 19:00 EET, 22:30 IST, 01:00 CST (Thurs), 02:00 JST (Thurs)

Meeting ID: 890 6970 8424


Summer Daylight Savings time eventually stabilizes to:
9am PDT | 12pm EDT | 16:00 UTC | 17:00 BST | 18:00 CEST | 19:00 EEST | 21:30 IST | 00:00 CST (Thurs) | 01:00 JST (Thurs)

Winter (non-DST) time eventually stabilizes to:
9am PST | 12pm EST | 17:00 UTC | 17:00 GMT | 18:00 CET | 19:00 EET | 22:30 IST | 01:00 CST (Thurs) | 02:00 JST (Thurs)

(During Winter→Summer DST changeover follow US time. Summer→Winter DST changeover follow Europe time)

Table of Contents



Discussion items


Next meetings: 

2022-02-16: John Keeney
2022-02-23: Martin Skorupski 
2022-03-02: John Keeney
2022-03-09: John Keeney (Martin ooo) 




  • Non-RT-RIC: John Keeney
    • now repo setup
    • rApps in IT/Deb integration in own lab
      • setup of test scripts 
    • work on data management exposure 
      • PM job creation from SIM 
  • SIM: Alex Stancu
    • Requirements from RSAC
      • OTF 
      • CR pre-spec from PM streaming
      • O2 sim ???
  • OAM: Martin Skorupski
    • Requirements from RSAC
    • Topology view (ONAP, O-RAN, ONF, 3GPP and IETF)
      • Topology service 
      • Topology visualization 
  • O-DU:HariomGupta(HCL) / @Vidhu
    • planning of F-Release 
  • RSAC/SMO: David Kinsey 
  • INT: James Li
    • 3 labs - Taiwan, Bedminster(AT&T), Ca(CMCC)
    • test procedures with sim
00:10ONAP Use cases

We have a JIRA for the SON Use Case
DCAEGEN2-2987 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The task to converge on the best VES format for FM/PM/CM messages for the SON use case (and other use cases?) going forward

DCAEGEN2-2986 - Getting issue details... STATUS

In the case of PM VES format, there are two templates/files in OSC which look a little different in the body/payload part of the msg.
Would like to discuss which one we should build upon.

1. OSC sim/o-du Slicing PM VES msg and template: There is a sample PM VES msg in the Slicing Use Case wiki: 

Is it generated from the code in this sim project o1-interface repo?
sim/o1-interface · Gerrit Code Review (
with this template file?

2. OSC oam VES template: There is a PM msg template and other template files in the oam repo
oam · Gerrit Code Review (
such as this PM msg template 

Please use item 1 (smile)

00:50SMO/Integration package/charts


  • Test case will updated based on rApp topic.
  • fix with O1 fix - to be merged
  • work on tosca (policy definition)
    • script within json as string makes some fun
  • closed-loop use case for the oru-app testing using python sdk
    • issue reported to clamp


O-RAN SC: Copying/Releasing helm charts in O-RAN-SC nexus repo (maybe restricted access?!?!)

Status: canceled (Nexus does not support Helm chart distribution)

Question from O-RAN-SC to ONAP: What is possible in ONAP nexus?

Sébastien Determe: adds some info

Idea: store the artifacts - instead of helm -  RELENG-3837 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Christophe Closset: ONAP on the way to move for helm charts to gitlab....

Action items