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LF Antitrust

See also / Co-Located


  • share information between
    • O-RAN-SC Non-RT-RIC
    • O-RAN-SC OAM
    • O-RAN-SC O-DU
    • O-RAN-SC SIM
    • O-RAN-SC INT
    • O-RAN-SC AI/ML
    • ONAP Usecases
    • ONAP Req & ONAP TSC committees
    • LFN (wink)


Discussion items


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  • O-RAN-SC ToC
    • Release process for ONAP and O-RAN-SC 
    • welcome new team members (smile)
    • rApp Management progress 
  • SIM: Alex Stancu
    • no report
    • well - PM file generation working - thanks for the feedback by Non-RT-RIC team - further progress ongoing
  • OAM: Martin Skorupski
    • release notes - issue with docx (sad)
    • documentation
    • support by OAM-Controller of O-RAN OFHM supervision notification - add Jira here
  • O-DU: @Vidhu
    • no report
  • AI/ML: @Sandeep J
    • Minutes & Meeting: Meeting notes 

    • Preparation for h-release as demoed

00:15ONAP SON/slicing Use case
    • Presented plan for proposal
      • Slides : Draft / WIP

Issue when deployment with OOM:

  • oom - strimzi > 
    • one option to reinstall strimzi 

Preparation for the next release

  • enhancements of RAN SIM

To be on the agenda for June 13!

on the Agenda at O-RAN f2f on WED.

00:18ONAP/O-RAN-SC Cooperation/Alignment

Was topic at ONAP TSC

  • more interest
  • use case should drive the discussions
  • end-to-end use case requires rApp - thoughts?
    • ACM control loop

Meeting ends

00:003GPP copyright issue

Still! "not ok" - how to use NETCONF YANGs from 3GPP and O-RAN

Problem Statement might be not fully understood. 

Next step: Call with Magnus Buhrgard 

After the call and some emails: Magnus it preparing a call with 3GPP SA5 representatives and then another ONAP LS to 3GPP

The topic is on the ONAP TSC agenda tomorrow: TSC 2022-09-08

> Magnus wont give up (smile)

Action items