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(During Winter→Summer DST changeover follow US time. Summer→Winter DST changeover follow Europe time)

Table of Contents



LF Antitrust

See also / Co-Located


  • share information between
    • O-RAN-SC Non-RT-RIC
    • O-RAN-SC OAM
    • O-RAN-SC O-DU
    • O-RAN-SC SIM
    • O-RAN-SC INT
    • O-RAN-SC AI/ML
    • ONAP Usecases
    • ONAP Req & ONAP TSC committees
    • LFN (wink)


Discussion items


Next meetings: 

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  • O-RAN-SC ToC
    • RAN PM functions - tidying up & re-releasing in maintenance release. Released! (demoed (smile))
    • Making good progress on rApp manager. start and stop operations - ready for demo today (smile) - see below
    • 3GPP dependency updates & addressing vulnerability
    • Some changes in A1-Mediator in near-RT-RIC plt in H-Release.
      • Further investigation needed;  effects on A1-PMS & A1-SIM
    • Sonar and test reporting including LF alignments 
    • Updating RTD docs jobs
    • Documentation updates finished – many thanks
  • SIM: Alex Stancu
    • upgrade of Sim Framework - to support websocket
      • change from C to Python
    • I-release planning
      • RASC: O2 API Sim - no plans for I-Release
      • PM Streaming based on RASC input by O1 Simulator
  • OAM: Martin Skorupski
    • yang-schema-mount support RFC8528 as required by O1 WG5 
    • Definition of PM streaming 
    • Translation of PM-Dictionary and AlarmDictionary from “O-RAN.WG10.Information Model and Data Models.0-R003-v05.00” into yang – from yang *proto and *.openapi and other formats will be generated – the results will be provided to OSFG for checking if the SCCL process it established and working.
  • O-DU: @Vidhu
    • How to run SMO?
      • OAM – only OAM -> docker compose (SDN-R and VES.Collection) -> SIM (1 O-DU - > 3-O-RUs)
        • Non-RT-RIC
          • In it/dep – heml charts
            • See non-rt-ric wiki and gerrit from docker compose – but not recommended
        • Near-RT-RIC
      • Idea: combine and update all deployments in it/dep 
  • AI/ML: @Joseph Thaliath
    • Minutes & Meeting: Meeting notes 

    • analysing specs for I -Release 
    • H-Release maintenance - some minor issue
    • I-Release planning ongoing
      • coordination with other projects for energy saving use case
  • SMO: Seshu Kumar Mudiganti 
    • Minutes & Meeting: Meeting notes 
    • I-Release → different orchestration - looking for contributions and resource commitments 
      • ETSI DMS profile (WG6 O-RAN Spec) 
      • short term: check DMS flow on top of o-cloud
      • long term: SMO disaggregation flows.

      • IMS? CNF Inventory vs o-cloud inventory

  • INT: James Li(CMTI)
    • pair wise testing options
      • non-rt-ric 
      • ric-platform
      • integration on A1
      • report preparation for pair-wise testing
        • James is going to reach out to PTLs
        • Please response to the email -> TODO for sure for Martin

00:45rApp Manager

rApp Manager Interim Demo / Show&tell 

01:10Meeting ends

00:00PM Event Streaming

PM Event streaming

Discussion: https://wiki.o-ran-sc.org/display/OAM/PM+Streaming

proto: https://wiki.o-ran-sc.org/download/attachments/82706888/o-ran-sc-oam-meas-data.proto?api=v2

template: https://wiki.o-ran-sc.org/download/attachments/82706888/o-ran-sc-oam-meas-data.template.json?api=v2

  • John Keeney  Working on a version of the PlantUML to include NONRTRIC RanPM functions
  • Martin Skorupski  Would like to reuse as much as possible of NONRTRIC RanPM functions 
    • Easiest way might be to put collected/streamed XML (or JSON) into S3/Minio and can then hopefully reuse existing functions.
    • Only new part is Stream terminator → Minio/S3?

00:00ONAP SON/slicing Use case
    • Presented plan for proposal
      • Slides : Draft / WIP


None this week

00:003GPP copyright issue

Still! "not ok" - how to use NETCONF YANGs from 3GPP and O-RAN

Problem Statement might be not fully understood. 

Next step: Call with Magnus Buhrgard 

After the call and some emails: Magnus it preparing a call with 3GPP SA5 representatives and then another ONAP LS to 3GPP

The topic is on the ONAP TSC agenda tomorrow: TSC 2022-09-08

> Magnus wont give up (smile)

Action items