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James Forsyth

Ondrej Frindrich

Keong Lim

Francis Paquette

Pavel Paroulek

Chandra Cinthala

Adam Wudzinski

Tian Lee

Venkata Harish Kajur

Benjamin Cheung

William LaMont

Steven Blimkie

Shwetank Dave

Shirley Morgan


9th Jan meeting cancelled
Due to DDF/Plugfest event:
aai-traversal pod in OOM deployment problem

Michael O'Brien raised AAI-2079 - Getting issue details... STATUS based on Jacques Faucher email problem appears to be with traversal-update-query-data:

onap          onap-aai-aai-traversal-5b496d986c-vb876                       1/2       CrashLoopBackOff   2821       15d
onap          onap-aai-aai-traversal-update-query-data-fcn4h                0/1       Init:0/1           1834       15d

onap          onap-aai-aai-traversal-6ffbcb7dbf-zkc22                        1/2       CrashLoopBackOff   586        3d
onap          onap-aai-aai-traversal-update-query-data-8kj7w                 0/1       Init:0/1           493        3d

onap          onap-aai-aai-traversal-6ffbcb7dbf-rbnf6                 1/2       Running            34         5h
onap          onap-aai-aai-traversal-update-query-data-qlhxp          0/1       Init:0/1           32         5h

James Forsyth will request more information from mailing list

Method of creating new meeting notes pages

Just noticing that JIRA links are being copied to new meeting notes pages as literal text, rather than as Confluence widgets. So they are no longer showing the current status of the JIRA case, e.g. see "Container sizing" item below with AAI-1940. It was initially "open", but as of now, it should be "closed".

Suggest that new meeting notes pages should be created using the Confluence "Copy page" menu item, as this will preserve the widgets in the page. Note that the "Copy page" menu item will also copy attachments, such as video recordings, so these would need to be deleted afterwards.

  • James Forsyth will clean up old closed items and fix copied Jira links on next week's meeting notes.
How to add external inventory to AAI?ravi rao

From 2019-01-15 ONAP Architecture Meeting during discussion of ONAPARC-320 - Getting issue details... STATUS / Orchestration Scenarios

From Me to Everyone: 03:03 AM
points 1f and 2f, any tool having access to ONAP API can push inventory data into AAI, is there more to it than that?
From RRAO to Everyone: 03:04 AM
Does it have to follow any specific Network Model like T-API ?
From Me to Everyone: 03:05 AM
AAI does have its own schema, so maybe some translation would be required
From RRAO to Me: (Privately) 03:06 AM
We are planning to orchestrate L0/L1 service so will touch base with you via email. This is Ravi Rao from Fujitsu
From Me to RRAO: (Privately) 03:06 AM
come join in the next AAI weekly meeting

AAI behaviour in error conditions

Just raised AAI-2082 - Getting issue details... STATUS , apart from getting a fix, if possible, may need some help with recovery actions.

Move to AAI Developers Meeting.

Casablanca Maintenance Release StatusJames Forsyth

Look at Jira, talk about open issues

AAI-2047 - Getting issue details... STATUS is critical to the success of the maintenance release since it is causing slowness and bad data in AAI if it fails

MSB Configs

AAI-1964 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-1965 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-1966 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8th Jan: This one could be a problem: MSB-198 - Getting issue details... STATUS

CSIT Test Cases

Need to maintain these for Dublin, and expand to include things like MSB integration. Establish a working group to develop CSIT test cases for Dublin and document them on the wiki. James Forsyth will create the page and solicit ideas.

8th Jan: Testing should cover this case: MSB-198 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Dublin Use Cases

5G Use Case (R4 Dublin)

BBS Broadband Service Use Case (Dublin)

CCVPN Use Case (Dublin)

Change Management Dublin Extensions

Fine Grain Placement Service (F-GPS) Edge Automation (Dublin)

OpenSource Access Manager (OSAM) Use Case

K8S based Cloud Region Support

Tony Noori from AT&T will identify the ONAP POC for system engineering for AAI modelling. This person will coordinate schema changes, watch the use case wiki, jira, perform gerrit reviews, etc.

Analysis: AAI R4 Use Case and Functional Requirements Impacts

Tomcat-embed license policy

org.apache.tomcat.embed in springboot 1.5.18 has a strong copyleft license. Can we exclude this from the package since we don't use the embedded tomcat? James Forsyth has shown that this mitigates the issue in the resources project

Helm Chart OwnershipJames Forsyth

OOM is planning to make a new repo for our OOM helm charts and give us the ability to commit changes. The community is still working out process of how these updates will be merged into the public repos that all teams use. We need to look at our team's ability to support this, including having a test process internally to validate changes before we merge them.

7th Jan: could this OOM-1556 - Getting issue details... STATUS be a test-case for the "Helm Chart Ownership" item ? What would successful management of the OOM charts look like for AAI team?


Casablanca Maintenance Release

The casablanca branch is open for CMR code reviews. Discuss what will be included in the CMR.

Release artifacts need to be available 10 Jan 2019

James Forsyth send note to OOM team to see which branch they are accepting changes for CMR - Update: according to Mike Elliot CMR changes go to the OOM 'casablanca' branch and master is open for Dublin updates.


Suggestion from today's meeting: Installation and Developer Setup page - linking the latest out to the wiki and then copy at release time.
ESR Nexus IQ Vulnerabilities
Since we can't be sure about the status of the ESR vulnerabilities, we will publish that the application is vulnerable to all of them.
Container sizing

AAI-1940 - Correct resources requirements in Helm Charts Open


Identify component owner and disposition for casablanca

Component owner: Amdocs. Spike takes messages from Champ and populates in topics.

James Forsyth to release Spike.

Lab support

To assist with monitoring JIRA, suggest subscribing to this filter:, which does pick up AAI-1913 - AAI queries not working in SB-06 Open as discussed. Also sent a message to onap-discuss to ask if JIRA Notification Scheme and new email list could be setup as well.


Hbase to Cassandra migration

Bell Canada has a requirement to migrate their A&AI Graph DB backend from HBase to Cassandra.

We are enabling this effort.

We have been investigating GraphAdmin code in ONAP, which seems to support the framework.

We would like to make enhancements to this framework and contribute to ONAP.

The initial enhancements we would like to accomplish are:

  • Provide option to the end-user to select FROM and TO Version
    • The current code doesn’t have this option
  • Support schema migration to V14
    • Current support exists for V11->V13

Our goals:

  • AAI backend upgrade from HBase to Cassandra (V11 to V14)
  • Seamless upgrade and rollback of AAI DB

Recording 13th November DBmigration.mp4

Dublin 5G Use Case

Dublin AAI changes in support of 5g use cases.

Link for presentation: 5G - PNF Plug and Play (Casablanca carry-over items)

29 Nov: 


5G PNF Software upgrade

We have a 5G related functionality in Change management, 5G PNF Software upgrade.

Right now, PNF software version is modeled and accepted in SDC, and also approved in Modeling subcommittee and TSC. (Modeling report)

We are not familiar with A&AI. The target of this functionality is to  update PNF Sw version when upgrade completion with specified pnfid. Could you and your team give us some help on this?

1)      Is there any available  APIs provided by AAI for this? 

2)      If yes, can you give me some details on it. If not, could you and AAI team provide support in Casablanca? We would like to provide contributions if needed.

Update  01 Aug: yaoguang wang to follow-up with SDC team and send conclusion results to James Forsyth

Open Action Items

  • James Forsyth will request more information from mailing list (#2 above)
  • James Forsyth will clean up old closed items and fix copied Jira links on next week's meeting notes. (# 3 above)
  • James Forsyth will Move to AAI Developers Meeting. (# 5 above)
  • James Forsyth  to release Spike.