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2019 Modeling Subcommittee Recordings

Duration 60 minutes

DurationAgenda  ItemRequested byNotes / Links


 3pm: 5mCo-chair
 5Resource IM report

 5Service IM report

DM report

 5 Network Management Community Coordination Magnus Buhrgard

2:30PM, Thursday

Technical Community Coordinators#Genericnetworkmanagementactivitiesarea

 10 PNF sw version

 10 Service terminology definition Michela Bevilacqua

Comments: 1 please consider CSMF in 3GPP related to slicing; 2 why consider network management service other than user related service definition based on some use cases.

Next : Anatoly from SDC will help give the SDC service template implementation.

5DDF Briefing 1: 5G Slicing Mgmt with ONAPLingli Deng1 slicing management by using ONAP.
5DDF Briefing 2: Model driven ONAPCiaran Johnston
5DDF Briefing 3: AAI Data Model / Visualization Tools / Graph TraversalsJames Forsyth
 5 DDF Briefing 4: Reverse engineering of data models -- how and whyJacqueline Beaulac
 4pm-4:30pm Joint ONAP / ETSI Meeting for information sharing                               all  ETSI NFV IFA011 changes response #2 to ONAP (Ref: NFVIFA(19)000486)


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