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2019 Modeling Subcommittee Recordings

Duration 60 minutes

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ONAPMODEL-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Modeling Subcommittee Meeting Time Poll

Please provide responses by 16 December

Modeling Subcommittee Co-Chairs Self Nomination

Ends 11 December at 3:30PM Pacific US time

1) Email Polls

Refinement to Dynamic Parameters

The polling period will be open until 22:00GMT on 17 December. 2019.
We will address rough consensus during the 17 December 2019 Modeling Subcommittee weekly call

As-built License Management Info Model

The polling period will be open until 22:00GMT on 19 December. 2019.
We will address rough consensus during the 13 January 2020 Modeling Subcommittee weekly call.

All: please cast your vote please

Andy Mayer will update poll to ensure a full 2 weeks.

2) PNF Software Version  (Fei Zhang )

  •  ONAP TSC approve it last week TSC meeting.
  • Future proposal to send to the TSC list before TSC meeting between Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Michela Bevilacqua has updated ONAP Non-MANO artifact registry
  • Will ask Andrei Kojukhovto draft email to ETSI to inform them of the new item for PNF Software Version
    • May discussed in an upcoming SOL meeting next week.
    • The SOL chair allocated this topic to the upcoming Remote SOL meeting.' CR is NFVSOL(19)000205r2.

3)  Use the established wiki page for capturing modeling current activity status.

Provide the dash board of current status and how to involve:

See: Modeling Current Activity Status

Next step: ask Model lead to LINK the Jira task

Modeling Subcommittee will have no formal decisions  between Dec 23 and Jan 5


ONAPMODEL-1 - Getting issue details... STATUS

ONAP R6 Resource IM Call 2019-12-9

Email poll for approval of Dynamic Parameters, Dynamic Parameters - Accepted Refinement

Email poll for approval of As-Built Licence Management Info Model

Final call for comments for Allotted Resource IM. See: Allotted Resource Model  Due 16 December

No formal Decisions  between Dec 23 and Jan 5


ONAPMODEL-2 - Getting issue details... STATUS

No call last week.

Can TM Forum presentation from David be shared? Andy Mayerwill ask David



nothing to report

New Papyrus does not like spaces in GenDoc


ONAPMODEL-12 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Descriptions extract is still work to be done.

Which repo should RE Papyrus IM for A&AI reside? (possible use of sub-models) Can the model be imported and pulled from a separate repo? Kevin Scaggs Jacqueline Beaulac

For the descriptions on the AAI UML files need to get volunteers from the community to take this on but no help so far. Will continue to work on finding someone to own it.

AAI-2606 - Getting issue details... STATUS

0Documenting ONAP APIs

Developing ONAP API Documentation

Will present to PTLs next week.

5ONAP Glossary
  • Review: The Glossary of Modeling Subcommittee
  • Meet doc team on Thursday, add stereotype back again. report next week.

    DOC-154 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Explore using the approved information model as a basis for the Glossary. Can GenDoc be used to create a Glossary based on IM Class Descriptions?Next step: Kevin is looking at GenDoc template and will review and feedback next week. Class, datatypes, enumeration definitions first (note: attribute definitions need to be explored).
  • Draft Glossary Posted in Contribution Area
    • Some cleanup is still needed. (do old artifacts need to be removed)
    • What filters need to be applied based on stereotype (preliminary, experimental, etc.)
      • Perhaps include stereotype on the glossary items
      • Further Discussion next week:
        • Agreed to remove Experimental from Glossary (or we can mark definition as Experimental, discussion?)
        • Need to explore removal of Examples from Glossary (any opinions?)
    • Add item to Documentation Project agenda for next week to share status
    • Includes Classes, Datatypes, and Enumerations
    • Link: Modeling sub-committee Contributions
    • Reviewing Glossary and Model definitions with Documentation Project
0Modeling and Use Cases

Proposed ONAP Release Process Updates for Information and Data Modeling

After M2, will come back to modeling subcommittee.

Will discuss M3 process next week.

Proposed Functional Template for Use Cases

Location and Place modelingBenjamin CheungPlug & Play Use Case. Monthly discussions: PNF PLUG and PLAY in R6 Frankfurt, meeting notes: PNF: PnP - PNFD/SDC AID/AAI Schema Modeling - Discussion Nov 7, 2019


Zoom Chat Log