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  1. Testing Automation - RC0 Testing & Integration. (Mar 6) Meeting scheduled for Fri Mar 20 with David McBride we'll be discussing testing automation. Update spreadsheet available at bottom of this page. Test cases that have been identified & described in each of the use pages' integration team's page - are those automated? and can they run in an automated way. The re-run test case quickly - ONAP integration small
  2. Alla Req/Vimal/TSC/Chaker-Arch - The requirements page vs Use Case pages (where should be put the new R7 Use Case wiki). In order to make the wiki pages able to be navigated that they should continue to extend the structure as much as possible that currently in use.
  3. READ THE DOCS - Mar 4 2020 U/C Realization. Intention by docs team to move all the wiki pages into the readthedocs. Sofia will talk again at a U/C realization call.
  4. Upcoming Realization presentations: Release 6 (Frankfurt) proposed use cases and functional requirements
5G Use CaseTesting Automation %Notes
5G Service ModelingN/A (Modeling only)
RunTime Config DBTBD
PM Dictionary100%
FM Meta-DataN/A (No new work)
E2E Network SlicingTBDLinMeng, Swami and Chenchuanyu
ORAN ONAP Harmonization100%No automation needed
OOF SON PCI Enhancements50%
PNF / PNF S/W UpgradeTBD
PNF / Onboarding100%
PNF / Plug and Play100%
PNF / Netconf Communications50%
License ManagementN/A (Modeling only)
Release 7 GuiLin ReleaseAll in 5G U/C team

R7 GuiLin Requirements & Proposals -

Requirements S/C page: Requirements subcommittee

R7 new requirements, currently proposals in R7: Guilin release - functional requirements proposed list

Use Case Template: Use Case Tracking Template

Take a R7 - example page.

M4 Deadline Deliverables

All in 5G U/C

RC0-2 for R6 Deliverables

R6 Frankfurt Release: Frankfurt Milestone Status

Release Planning Page: Release Planning

M1 Deliverables Checklist: Deliverables for Planning Milestone Checklist Template

Deliverables by Milestone: Frankfurt Deliverables by Milestone

M4 Deliverables:

  • Code Freeze. Mark the end of the Features coding.
  • JIRA ISSUES - Jira issues are either fixed in the current release or assigned to next release.
  • AUTOMATED - 100% of Functional Test Case are automated.
  • INTEGRATION & TESTING - End 2 End Release Test Cases are implemented (Integration Team).
  • All new VNF Requirements planned for the release reviewed and  implemented in VNF Requirements project.
  • Documentation

(CONTINUOUS) - DOCUMENTATION - Documentation (Read the Docs) - M1 - M4

"Are you referring to MS1 and the preliminary documentation?

This is mainly relevant to new projects. The link that you provided below covers that, since the 5G use case team is not a new project, your documentation is already published on RTD."

  - Gerrit Files, Gerrit Review, Main Branch, Update file, create Gerrit Review,

RC0   RC1   RC2  

Project Team focused its effort on:

  1. supporting integration testing
  2. closing high priority defects
  3. supporting Documentation team



April 20-21 Open Network & Edge Summit (ONES) - Los Angeles - GuiLin R7 (Planning).

Early June DDF - (GuiLin R7)

ACTION: Will remote presentations be possible, links to remotely attend? When is final schedule up.

RunTime Config DB

Architecture S/C presentation for Run Time DB.

Team is working to define the Proposal (see wiki).

Then it will be presented at the Arch S/C and then TSC.

Sync with Sandeep - will meet with Sandeep Fri 7 2020. Ted Johnson. Existing interface.

For R6, will be part of CC-SDK. Met with Yuriy Malakov  & Dan Timoney . CONFIGURATION PERSISTENCE SERVICE R6 not a separate component in R6.

CMNotify - The DCAE, CMNotify VES event (proper) are pushed to R7

  • STEP 1 GENERATE: xNF (RAN Simulator) GENERATES a VES CMNotify - Wipro SON (R6)
  • STEP 2 RECEIVES: DCAE VES Collector RECEIVES the CMNotify - Nokia (R7)
  • STEP 3 DCAE: DCAE PROCESSES Event- Nokia (R7)
  • STEP 4 DMaaP: DCAE PUBLISHES onto DMaaP - Nokia (R7)
  • STEP 5 LISTEN: CCSDK (Controller) LISTENS to DMaaP - SandeepShah (R6)
  • STEP 6 RTCfgDB: RTCfgDB UPDATES with info - SandeepShah / Techmahindra Devendra Chauhan (R6)

Feb 3-7 Nokia has confirmed that Step 2/3/4 is in R7 due to VES review.

Meeting setup with Sandeep - R7 planning. Need to make a presentation for Alla's call: ONAP Use Case / Requirements Teams Process Way of Working (WoW)

R7 - Decide if we can to be a separate component. need to find a PTL lead.  

Automation tool integration. Schema details.

Network Slicing R6 Proposal

Update on slicing proposal. SO/Seshu presented.

Multiple functional requirements/Use Cases. Recursive orchestration of nested services. Didn't want independent W/F for flows but try to leverage/reuse work. Presented the End to End U/C with macro-view for E2E slice. and components impacted. Right now impact will be on SO, OOF, Policy, SDC and AAI. What controller will be used for managing slices? Focusing on design aspects and instantiation and activation. Put up logical E2E slice. Target simple VNFs. Focus to create VNF vs reconfiguring a VNF? Slice segments are going to be both dedicated/shared. Started with discovering existing resources; assume segments created with VNF/PNFs in inventory & discoverable. Spinup new slice instances.


  • (1) ROADMAP - Proceeding with detail, developments for roadmap beyond R6.
  • (2) API - defining API in progress.
  • (3) PoC - Prototype of PoC from Orange focusing on VNF-portion.
  • (4) SO - Implementation in SO W/F and hierarchy using Svc ref concept to be discussed beyond R6.
  • (5) ORCHESTRATION - documentation what will ONAP do wr.t. slice orchestration
  • (6) MODELING - Discussing Modeling aspects, how to represent CSI, NSSI, NSSMF etc how to implement in SO how to communicate w/ external domain NSSMF.
  • (7) VID - Discussion: Milind Jalwadi
    • JSON based screens for VID, Is there a slicing GUI that could be re-used.
    • would want to upstream that NSST NSSD
    • Part of the Network Slicing Use Case.

Presentation/slides at: NETWORK SLICING PoC in R6 Frankfurt (Obsolete)

- Development is proceeding. Start R7 release in next couple of weeks. Next week there will be presentation on requirements for R7.

R4 in 3GPP 28.541 - implemented as part properties of a service. didn't create separate TOSCA type for sliceprofile. Plan to introduce new serivce for serivce & slice profile properties in 3GPP those are recent doc updated in january. introduced many new properties from GSP. You've modeling team presentations were made, platform updated w/ network slicing.

ORAN/3GPP ONAP Harmonization U/C

Trying to settle on scope of the Use Case. List of many possible contributions that will take more than one release to complete. Impacts for items to be added to wiki (analysis).

Prioritize the work items what we could propose to accomplish.

CM Notify as a new domain has been accepted on the DCAE S/C today Oct 24 2019.

Dongho Kim  will be creating the test/integration page.

- A1 & O1 test integration pages have been added & links. DongHo Kim leading the Integration

 Sandeep code was merged w/ SDN-C branch. Current container has the latest code. Continuing to test. In AT&T lab now being tested

  • Harmonization U/C - Some things pushed out (Partial Green) at M2/M3 - O1 enhancements moved to G release hoping to harmonize (1) Fault & (2) Config change Notification (CMNotify) Thus CMNotify will be pushed to R7.  Meetings to harmonize 3GPP standards. Waiting for Standards to be Harmonized. Intentionally descope something so that we don't cause churn. Don't want to implement something that would have to be re-implemented. Don't want to implement something that would have to be re-implemented. Trying to get VES SMEs engaged. But won't make R6 because of the timeframe. The VES Specs does need to be updated (see next point). Trying to align ORAN, ONAP & 3GPP aligned.
  • ONAP 3GPP CONVERGENCE MEETING Dave Kinsey didn't agree option that was optimal wanted to discuss option he proposed. Wanted to bring in VES ppl to look at options. David Smith created & leading the meeting. Should invite Oskar Malm, Cormac Mullally, Mark Scott. Looking at options to populate the common header such that events w/ opaque payload can be fwded to correct DMAAP topic. to harmonize ONAP different standard standards defined things. Meeting to be held to make more progress.
  • CMNotify for PoC/Demo - R6, OOF-SON-PCI & the RunTime Config DB U/C needed the CMNotify, Sandeep Shah said they had a simulation of CMNotify for demo purposes.
  • INTEGRATION - Update from Dongho Kim for A1 interface: (Feb 13 2020) Dongho talked to Sandeep  A1 adaptor unit-test bug fixed & tested. No automation yet. Check with Dan Timoney. Testing was done with A1 mediator from A1C repo south-bound, no device compliant to A1 spec, Sandeep used S/W using A1 mediator.
  • VES Spec updates -  VES document has been updated. Link is at: ;
  • ACTION: Marge Hillis - VNF-Requirements. Zu: this is not in the normative text format ("should"=recommended "may"=optional & "shall"=must opening statement of everything in this doc is "mandatory" (question) or not??) some things should move to the VNF-requirements project (many people made comments to that end). Requirements there are there need to follow conventional req language. Reach to Trevor
  •  Read the Docs entry navigate to USER GUIDES > VERIFIED USE CASES
OOF SON PCIN.K. Shankaranarayanan

From SDN-R when we send config change align to NetConf Yang model avail. whatever yang model used, want config DB schema to be aligned w/ yang model to keep model driven. wanted Yang Models from ORAN if possible. In license catch-22. Some yang models for RAN on ORAN website due to licensing issues from Martin Skorupski took 3GPP model converted to files to compile. Issue w/ ORAN getting ok from 3GPP that it is a valid rep of 3GPP model. Option (1) use previous yang model, or (2) switch to ORAN model if available immediately. yang to SQL schema. Only need some parts of the model for SON project. Currently MariaDB continue to use. Piotr, Marek, et al. If there are useful file wo/ IPR issues, should be a way to use interim files.

WoW w/ Model & Arch

Way of Working between Architecture , Modeling Subcommittee & Use Case Teams and what happens and touch-points at M0/M1/M2/M3.

Modeling Way of Working / Process:

Proposed ONAP Release Process Updates for Information and Data Modeling

Use Case Way of Working / Process

Use Case WoW Process: ONAP Use Case / Requirements Teams Process Way of Working (WoW)

Use Case Template

Use Case Template -

Ben talked w/ Andy Mayer U/CR call Oct 23. He said he is preparing the page, and would present here at the 5G U/C S/C call.

REQUIREMENTS SUBCOMMITTEE - requirements sub-group / not bring use cases any more, refer to them as requirements. / proposed change talk less about architecture in requirements mtgs & reviews. more clear split between req & arch discussion.   / Alla Goldberg changed U/C S/C to Requirements S/C. Security and ctl loop req will be discussed in those S/C; other things should go to Req S/C.

Monday - - what input for Req review; should not go into realization aspects should be moved out of req review. What type of info & how much info at M0. when just reviewing proposed req. Andy has said Proposed Functional Template for Use Cases this is ready to go live.

  1. New Use Case TemplateAndy Mayer presented on new additions to Use Case Template: Use Case Tracking Template proposed for R7. If a U/C is extending from a Prior Release should we convert to new Template, or can we maintain. Use cases should to link to new req in the proposals.
 PM Dictionary, 5G NRM

5G U/C teams

PNF Pre-onboarding/ onboarding

PNF U/C teams

Benjamin Cheung

R7 - Per artifact package security for the onboarding package. ETSI SOL004. Verified in VNF-SDK/VVP

R7 - dynamic schemas updates to the RTCfgDB with Yang model files.

PNF / SW Upgrade

Zu Qiang (Ericsson)

Reviewed with SO team.

Preparing for DDF. will discuss with Change Management team, might be presenting. R6 in progress.

Should be able to update/merge all Jiras by M4. No big risk. Integration RC0-RC2

5G/ Bulk PM

Preparing presentations at DDF in Prague in DDF for R6 BulkPM functionality in Jan 2020.

Demo in Dec 5, 2019 - R4 functionality. PM control part is green; the other bulk PM for certificate handling has dependency with

REQ-140 - Getting issue details... STATUS
PNF / NetConfOskar MalmBasic U/C unchanged, support for NetConf over TLS. What is being worked on in R6 is to have a improved functionality around certificate handling. When you have a TLS 1.x for authentication for ONAP so the NF when it connects to ONAP it is a valid xNF. Authenticate user cert ONAP needs to get the certs from somewhere - a centralized solution w/ AAF. and connect to ext. PKI via CMPv2. ONAP component minimum version TLS 1.2. Dependency to REQ-140
PNF / Plug and PlayBenjamin Cheung

held meeting for discussing Civic Address elements & Geolocation information w/ the modeling S/C

PnP - PNFD/SDC AID/AAI Schema Modeling - Discussion Jan 2, 2020

Eventually will the PNFregistration VES event for PnP (R7).

SO presentations related to Building block definitions. Dependency to REQ-140. Option #2 new arch. is agreed. Option #1 continue w/ old. Use Case Realization Call: February 19, 2020

  • Benjamin Cheung Find out if - will we support >1 PNF instance / template per service 5G Service (Run-Time). Plan to test/Integration how to do the instantiation. Use CLI to do instantition, limitation in SO workflow limitation in controller, PRH.
R6 Use Case VS RequirementsAll in 5G U/C

TSC Release Page.

Frankfurt Release Requirements

WHAT IS A USE CASE VS A REQUIREMENT? In the REQUIREMENTS Table of the R6 Release Requirements Wiki (above) the Use Case requirements as discussed on the TSC call for Sept 12, and David McBride has asked that we have requirements (jiras) on separate rows. Further follow-up discussions will be had for "what is a use case" and if some of the 5G use cases should be moved up to the first table.

5G Service Modeling U/CBenjamin Cheung


CDS Data dictionary - Define attribute, in that entry tells you how to get that value. Yuriy Malakov

If you needed the IP@ you can go that entry → points to the REST call. Used for instantiation and configuration management. Model driven ONAP. Modeling Concepts

3GPP TS28.541/TS28.540 - 5G NRM Network Resource Model analysis (spreadsheet). Looking parameters introduce

Classify parameters - CDS Data Dictionary, A&AI, RunTime Cfg DB.

Presentations - Modeling S/C, U/C S/C, U/C Realization, 5G U/C.

Modeling S/C - Experimental info model introduced (standards driven)

A&AI - classification of A&AI parameters. Commission (might need at installation & commissioning) → A&AI.

Onboarding - Onboarding, PNF PNFregistration, CMNotify (VES events), Pre-defined "load 3GPP model"

Information Flows - Where these might be used.

ORAN Standards - Usage of the 3GPP TS28.541 in ORAN Standards. Might want to consider which 3GPP parameters ORAN cares about & when. They might an opinion of when to incorporate parameters.

Presentation at Use Case Realization call  

Use Case Realization Call: January 29, 2020 - next step to present to Modeling S/C.

CMPv2 Security (AAF enhancements)

Pawel Baniewski

Hampus Tjader

M2/M3 CMPv2 & AAF status - CMPv2 GREEN at M2/M3 right now.  REQ-140 - Getting issue details... STATUS have committers now. AAF S/W. CMPv2 protocol.

  1. REPO Avail - Nokia has created a repo, discussing architecture now.
  2. Access - Confirmed, we can access the Repo.
  3. Deliveries - Nokia planning to deliver the CertService (accept request from client), CertService Client (init container w/ ONAP apps), and integration with external CMP v2 service.
  4. Integration to Border Components - Integration with ONAP modules, DCAE/VES, SDNC, DCAE/DFC very likely to be post-posted to R7. High Risk The ONAP "bordering" components. Consequences - in scenario where you int ONAP w/ external function won't be able to dist cert generated in external Cert. Authority (CA) within ONAP; thus would still be able to integrate a NF to ONAP but would need to distribute manually bring the certs to ONAP. The Automation of distribution would be missing. The NFs contact the CAs to get certs. Integrate ONAP w/ CMPv2 w/ CertSvc to same Ext. CA. Integrate the xNF gets the cert to Ext. CA. ONAP gets matching trust anchors from same Ext. CA, loaded to an ONAP component. CertSvc bought back dist. within ONAP volume where cert is stored & consumed by ONAP component. 3GPP requires/originated. Consumes maximum of what 3GPP has.
  5. Slides - ONAPARC-553 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  6. Integration - Separate integration efforts. 140 is the common part in AAF, including client component that can be reused, there is integration work which have separate requirements. This creates a dependency on those other requirements, being delivered with enough time to do integration.
  7. Plug and Play, Bulk PM, NetConf - CMPv2 PnP got descoped, secure Bulk PM is descoped, NetConf is proceeding see: Frankfurt Release Requirements
  8. REQ-76 - If we manage to complete the integration into SDN-C (REQ-76) additional integration related to that. REQ-76 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  9. DEMO - Plugfest in June 2020 it might be nice to demo something.


release & Use-case interaction Tracking spreadsheet w/ Testing Automation updates


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