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  • First time contributors to AAI
  • Learning about the AAI code
  • Introducing yourself to the ONAP project



  • Not every Sonar report is worth fixing. Please show that your contribution visibly moves the metrics by a valuable amount!
  • One JIRA ticket per AAI repository and one Gerrit review per AAI repository, grouping together multiple file changes
    • No one-liner gerrit reviews please!
  • It's great to have you contributing, but please don't overwhelm us with reviews!
  • Attend the AAI meetings (check calendar at Community Meetings & Calendar) and review AAI Meeting Notes for guidance on useful contributions

Where to Start

  • See JIRA Epic case AAI-2125 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and choose a Story:
  • Assign to yourself one of the tasks in the stories (or create your own sub-task) and then work on resolving it!
  • Please build it locally in your development environment before pushing to gerrit for review!
  • Refer to AAI project wiki pages

Who to Ask / Add as Reviewers


  1. May we create our own tasks under these stories? For example, AAI-2129 appears to be a Story without any sub-tasks.

    1. Mark Leonard  yes please go ahead if you have found an area worth working on. I have created a few unassigned ones that you could try.