The information flows capture the interactions between the ONAP components at an information level.  For each flow, the scope, pre-conditions, post-conditions are described as well as the major bits of information.

The following flows are yet to be added.


  • Onboard Resource into SDC (Done) (note, a lot of work already done with the onboarding and pre-onbaording use case)** Ben/Michela/Zu

    • New Resource - to be reviewed July 30th
    • Upgraded Resource - Ben to discuss with Zu / Michela on what effort is required here
  • Create Resource Package - scope to be defined (manually create package (which is a subflow of the new resource onboarding flow)? Clarify with Steve if this should be separated out into a dedicated flow)
  • Design or onboard service

  • Service Distribution (Done)
  • Resource Level

    • Instantiate & Validation (deployment) Resource **

      • Instantiate via SO / MultiVim (Chaker / Seshu to follow up on the intent / scope of this item)
      • Instantiate via SO / VNFM plug-in
      • Instantiate via VFC
      • Instantiate via SDNC
      • Modify a resource
    • Remove Resource 


  • Service

    • Instantiate Service **

      • Instantiate Service via SO (Done)
      • Do we need more than one instantiate service flow?
        • need to capture how different actors can be called out - AP Ben to replace "VID" in diagrams to reflect a generic client (VID, CLI, ExtAPI, UUI, ...)
        • Discussion on recipe ID terminology - these refer to the combinations of workflows and code that is executed - we need to define the model behind this and the definition of "recipe"
          • Need to also align on terminology coming from other components (e.g. DG from controller etc)
    • Scale Service
    • Remove Service 
  • Runtime Config DB (Done)
  • Generic Closed Loop Control
  • Change Management

  • Other E2E to be defined

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