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1. Scope

DESCRIPTION: << Insert short description of the flow >>.

WHEN EXECUTED: << Inform of when it is executed >>

PURPOSE: << Inflorm of the purpose of this flow >>

Information Model: Main information being used and a reference to the information model


  • << Actor 1 >>
  • << Actor 1 >>

<<Optional: Replace with figure illustrating the scope >> 

2. Pre-Conditions

The preconditions are:

  • << List preconditions here >>

3. Information Flow

<<Remove:  this is a plantUML macro to show the information flow.  Syntax can be found here: >> SDC Service Distribution-1 Part1 Part1 Part2 Part2 1example flow notes can be added 2Example response more notes can be added

  1. << what >> – Flow description according to numbering. Include interface (e.g. SDCE-6) and main information  (can have a link to the information link).

4. Post Condition

The post-conditions are:

  • list of post conditions.

5. References

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