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Zoom Meeting Link: International numbers available:

2019 Modeling Subcommittee Recordings

Duration 60 minutes

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Welcome and Plan

M2 and M3 Checklist to be shared at the TSC this week for approval.

Catherine suggests to enhance as follows

Please provide the link to the specific use case/feature requirement and its associated Sequence Diagrams

Describe the interactions and behavior of each information exchange with the use cases/feature requirements and sequence diagrams

Andy Mayer will email Catherine to ask for clarification of the TSC approval process.

 5Resource IM report

Review modeling activity status. Jessie S Jewitt walked through R3 Clean to compare with IFA011 2.5.1.

Asking for team to take a look at the comparison version and provide comments before a vote on the consensus vote:

 5Service IM report

Kevin presented Composite / Atomic diagram for services. Discussion on cardinality, both Descriptor and Run-Time (instance)


No call this week


DM report

No report

5Infrastructure Modeling Discussion

Focus on abstraction of Multi-cloud layer. What does ONAP need to be aware of? What are opportunities to enable "model-driven". E.g., Compute, Storage, Network capabilities.

5R4 High level requirements

Need to influence actual code with High Level Requirements.

Code commitment is essential for data model. Need modeling leads to work with PTLs and members to identify development resources.

Input needed by M2, please provide input by Feb 12th (especially on the Code Commitment).

5Other Discussion

Alexander Vul is recommending continuous development approach for info and data models. We can use the stereotypes to represent the modeling element lifecycle state.

See: Lifecycle Stereotype Proposal

Need to capture active issues between releases (history)

Possible UML basics class focused on Information Modeling, and use of Papyrus. Multiple languages for the class would be useful.

A good UML Reference is:



Call to approve PNFD (for the Clean Model) with the attributes geographicalLocationInfo and swVersionList removed for the present R4 release. Subcommittee will initiate 2 week email poll on this question. (call for general consensus during the Feb 12th call).

Zoom Chat Log