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Criteria used to select use cases

  • Demonstrates merged ONAP architecture
  • Demonstrates services planned for 2018 can be orchestrated and managed by ONAP
  • Demonstrate integration of both commercial and open source VNFs and components
  • Enhances the platform consistent with ONAP mission and needs of planned and future services
  • The scope can be realized and dependencies met in a YE2017 release


  • TSC sub-committee submitted 9 new cases
  • Identified common platform requirements that enable the most use cases
  • Combined similar use cases into 2 new proposed use cases in addition to the vFW that is currently available as demonstration.

The light gray font in the table below represent sub-functional requirements, bundled under a higher level requirement.

Use Cases

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  1. Not sure I agree with the separation of functional/non functional requirements. E.g. change management is none functional in my mind.

  2. Out of AAA, only Audit listed partially, IMO, Authentication and authorisation are missing.  

  3. what does the gray font mean?

    1. i think these functionalities  (marked gray) are not required for the 3 use cases listed

      wiki got updated (as they are sub functionalities)

  4. Can we add open loop service and/or resource assurance features to the list?

  5. Scalability. Framework scalability could be a potential addition. 

  6. ETE platform use cases will need to be aligned with VNF level uses cases associated with VNF Requirements