Controller to NF Association

R5/R6 Topic

See Slides Nov 6, 2018. Development of Controller to NF assignment association S/W.

CDS, VF-C, APP-C, SDN-R, SDN-C; will the CCSDK "merging" of controllers happen in R6?




Data Persistency, RunTime DB

STATUS: Work for RunTime DB completed, not merged in R4

Dan Timoney moved to R5, one Jira for RunTime DB. One issue about merging.

ONAP code added can take a test ONAP deployment to have the ConfigDB work.

USE CASE REALIZATION MEETING (Notes 2019-01-30) U/C Cross-Interaction, Persistency



Controller LCM API Evolution

Goals (Architecture Evolution)
  • Target is common LCM API in CCSDK usable by different controller personas to simplify for both clients and controller implementations
  • Support PNFs for applicable LCM operations in a consistent way
  • Enable use of CDS blueprint processor to customize behavior of LCM operations in the 'self-service' category
    • In ONAP R4, CDS can be used for pre/post-instantiation configuration. Generic and model-driven design should allow CDS usage to be extended for additional operations and use cases.
  • Evolution steps that preserve backwards compatibility for clients

Present at the Arch S/C Apr 9 (Tue) second presentation.

Use Cases


RAN (ORAN-3GPP) Standards harmonization with ONAP

  • Orchestration at the Edge.
  • A1/O1/E2 communications. Edge to ENBs, Telemetry.
  • E2 will not have this info. O1 is I/F for PM counts. Not a management I/F.
  • WG3 (ORAN) is defining this.
  • ONAP w/ O1. Changes w/ O1 interface.
  • How to satisfy A1/O1 and in what time-frame.
  • U/C ORAN - ONAP harmonization. 3GPP ORAN ONAP.
  • Starting a new U/C in 5G. Marge, Vimal, Fred Feisullin
  • Edge inventory & topology. Transport BH consideration w/ real-time near-RT aspects
  • Akraino. MEC. Edge automation (Ramki).


Use Cases


Licensing Management

New U/C added to the 5G Use Cases for Licensing Management


Use Cases



PoC U/C will happen in WinLab. To meet time lines do those parts in Windriver focusing on DCAE, Policy and OOF.

Jira SDN-C (Dan Timoney) pushed El Alto (the Maintenance Release).

Use Cases


BBS U/C Evolution

BBS Evolution - Slide set linked in R6 proposed U/C. List of proposals & functional requirements.

  1. Change Service - want to use ONAP platform.
  2. Full Closed Loop for Fault Management - CLAMP.
  3. Service Update API (SO) - will be developed

Use Cases


PM Dictionary/FM MD GUI

Use Cases


PNF S/W Upgrade

PNF software upgrade in R6 Frankfurt
Use Cases




IoT Service Creation

IoT Create Services on 5G

5G Use Cases in R6 Frankfurt

June 19, 2019

Use Cases


Modeling gNB/5G RAN

Align, harmonize, reconcile various information models to ONAP model:

Expand & verify model and harmonize with the ONAP internal information & data model:

ETSI SOL001 ... 007 with ONAP internal Model

PNFD modeling (Model S/C)

5G Model (3GPP, RAN)


Open ROADM (reconfig optical add/drop multiplexer, Optical)

ONF (Optical)

ISOMII (Optical)

OTCC (Optical transport config & control)

 - Use Cases that need transport models need some model consistency.

 - Try a Use Case with extended ONAP model & real equipment.

Use Cases5G NRM (Network Resource Model) Configurationyaoguang wang

Presented at the 2019 June LFN DDF, titled as '5G Provisioning management service to NRM

Presentation scheduled for Aug 8, 2019


Architecture S/C


Arch S/C Information Flows:

Draft ONAP Information Flows

New Information flow for Preonboarding/Onboarding xNF packages/resources.

ARCHCOM: InfoFlow - Onboard Resource into SDC Flow


A&AI updates



PoC Definition

POC definition


Test Automation Progress

Use Case Test Automation

Action Items: Use case subcommittee to reach the Dublin use case owner to provide the following information. what's the current percentage of testing automation regarding your use case and functional requirements; what will be the plan to be 100% and constraints (resources availability etc.)

R6 Frankfurt / M0

Use Case Tracking Template

Need the U/C teams to fill out the Dev. Impacts.

More Generalized Use Case Template (discussed w/ Model team):

Use Case Tracking Template and Use Case Template

VID: Service Models Browser Orchestration

VID: Service Models browser - display orchestration type (macro / a`la carte) use-case.

This use-case requires us to extend the AAI data-model, with an additional field, related to Service Model.

This field will be used later on to indicate in VID the Service Model orchestration type.

A&AI Epic 2594 AAI-2594 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Apr 10, 2019Controller LCM API Evolution
  • Target is common LCM API in CCSDK usable by different controller personas to simplify for both clients and controller implementations
  • Support PNFs for applicable LCM operations in a consistent way
  • Enable use of CDS blueprint processor to customize behavior of LCM operations in the 'self-service' category
    • In ONAP R4, CDS can be used for pre/post-instantiation configuration. Generic and model-driven design should allow CDS usage to be extended for additional operations and use cases.
  • Evolution steps that preserve backwards compatibility for clients

May 1, 2019A&AI GraphGraph Visualizer

Visualizer for A&AI Model Layout

Use Case Realization Call: May 1, 2019

May 8, 2019A&AI Model Browser, Sparky

A&AI developer Model Browser to navigate and viewing attributes, object types & edge view

Recording & Slides: Use Case Realization Call: May 8, 2019

May 15, 2019A&AI Run Time Browser (Sparky)A&AI Run-Time Browser
May 22, 2019Edge Automation Overview & Discussion

Central & Distributed Edge ONAP configuration.

Topics include: Onboarding, Instantiation, Edge Orchestration, A&AI, Architecture, Work-flows, Multi-Tenancy

Use Case Realization Call: May 22, 2019

May 29, 2019Modeling S/C , Use Case Project Teams, Architecture S/C Way of Working

Model S/C (Sub committee) contributions page:

Modeling sub-committee Contributions

Jun 5, 2019Use Case slides for Dev. ForumUse Case Realization Call: June 5, 2019
July 10, 2019R6: PNF Software Upgrade Overview & Discussion

ONAP Read the Docs/R4 Announcements

WIKI: PNF software upgrade in R6 Frankfurt

July 24, 2019R6: OOF/SON PCI Use Case Demo, Overview & DiscussionOOF / PCI / SON Use Case
Aug 7, 20195G NRM (Network Resource Model) Configuration U/C Overviewyaoguang wang5G NRM (Network Resource Model) Configuration U/C
Aug 14, 2019ORAN Standards Harmonization U/C OverviewORAN Standards Harmonization U/C
Aug 21, 2019Modeling Sub-Committee guidelines & Use Case Interactions

Modeling S/C Process Wiki: Proposed ONAP Release Process Updates for Information and Data Modeling

Use Case Tracking Template and Use Case Template

R6 Modeling High Level Requirements Planning Page: ONAP R6 Modeling High Level Requirements

Sept 4, 2019Licensing Management OverviewIntroduction of Licensing Management in R6
Sept 11, 2019SDC & R6 Use Case Impacts DiscussionOfir SonsinoDiscussion with SDC PTL Ofir w/ the Use Case Teams and SDC commitments. See the summary Table for SDC impacting Use Cases.
Sept 18, 2019M0/M1 U/C discussion, Preparation for Technical Conference AntwerpUse Case Teams

M0 Use case Discussion - What is missing where are we now?

M1 Use case Discussion - What are the next steps?

Preparing slides for Use Cases at the Technical Conference Antwerp (for 5G/PNF use cases)

Sept 25, 2019A&AI & R6 Use Case Impacts DiscussionDiscussion with A&AI PTL (Jimmy Forsyth) and Chandra Cinthala for R6 A&AI Use Case Impacts discussion and commitments.
Oct 2, 2019DCAE & R6 Use Case Impacts DiscussionVijay Venkatesh KumarDiscussion with DCAE PTL (Vijay Kumar) for R6 Use Case Impacts discussion and commitments for DCAE impacting Use Cases
x, 2019SO & R6 Use Case Impacts DiscussionDiscussion with SO PTL (Seshu Kumar) for R6 Use Case Impacts discussion and commitments.
x, 2019Release Manager DiscussionDavid McBrideDiscussion with David McBride of the Linux Foundation, the R6 Release Manager regarding practices, wiki page updates, Jira dashboard and what is a use case?
x, 2019RunTime DB DiscussionDiscussion of the RunTime DB Use Case in R6 Frankfurt which introduces a Common Service Data Layer for a data lake to store configuration and operational parameters.

SDC Impacting Use Cases & Discussion with Ofir

Use CasesImpacts
PNF - Pre-Onboarding / Onboarding

Epic 1: VNF onboarding

E1a: Alignment to SOL 001 (modeling discussions)

E1b: VNFD transforming mapping

E1c: Enhance security for xNF package artifacts.

Epic 2: VNFD Model mapping (modeling discussions)

E2: VNFD (onboarded) to Platform Model (modeling discussions)

Epic 3: S/W Version in Package

E3: S/W Version (modeling discussions)

SDC SUMMARY: Modeling discussion. SDC (Ofir) this acceptable; potential SDC impacts. Can Commit

PNF - S/W Upgrade
  1. support generic workflow design
  2. CBA association enhancement to support PNF upgrade. Impacts on PNFD AID model
  3. CBA association enhancement to support VNF upgrade. Impacts on VNFD AID model

Jira Tickets SDC-2394 and SDC-2393

SDC SUMMARY: Tickets open already. SDC can Commit.

PM-FM Dictionary

Generic Artifact Browser (GAB) Configuration File (No S/W changes)

Format of the artifact will be changing. If the format will not be changed, then it will only be configuration change, a default configuration; the configuration of the GAB based on the file format.

SDC SUMMARY: Nokia investing impact for the format changes; If proposal is accepted there would be no S/W change only a configuration change for the GAB. SDC can commit.

Network Slicing

Enhance SDC with properties mapping from composite to nested service.

Foundation for nested svcs is there already. Modeling work. Jira items created. Is it SDC testing only? (1) nested svcs (2) testing.

SDC-2555 - SDC support of Network Slicing Demo in Frankfurt Open 

SDC SUMMARY: What will the demo be? More details needed before Committing.

ORAN/3GPP Harmonization

New Events & domains will be added to VES events. Should be no impact to SDC, push yaml artifacts to whomever is subscribing. If a new VES event/ VES domain as part of a yaml registration (in CSAR file) would SDC be impacted? New Domains. New Subscribers for DMaAP distribution; API to consume the SDC external APIs consume & parse the CSAR file. The consumers would have to use the existing solution (DMaaP parser). If the A1 interface (new) nonRT RIC + near-RT RIC might be new artifacts associated with that. New artifacts are configurable in SDC (depends on format) no coding impact. Infrastructure already exists. Assumption is that these artifacts would not be validate.

SDC SUMMARY: No SDC S/W impact; possible configuration impact. SDC can commit.

Dist. Analytics as a Service



RunTime DB

Onboarded artifacts for RunTime DB configuration.

building configuration database (global). The vendor run-time package. Yang models in design time; in distribution > downstream applications.

setup structure of Database. (1) get Schema from node; parameters (2) from Yang model under configuration mgmt supported via onboarding package.

As long as it is about existing or new artifacts, the infrastructure is there already. can create new types of artifacts; already supported in SDC API/UIs. > CSAR. Find relevant artifacts in onboarded package. Try to make use of yang model. APIs to create consumers to consume APIs; supply SDKs for components to use distribution clients. consuming the library is documented.

VES collector > CM Notify add VES registration (yaml artifact).

SDC SUMMARY: No SDC S/W impact, no new development needed; usage of existing design time artifact/onboarding functions (already supported). SDC can commit.

Control Loop

Self Serve Control Loop.

(1) Integrate w/ blueprint generator to include blueprint for DCAE into CSAR. Nokia will commit based on best effort. BPG (blueprint generator) DCAE instead of TOSCA-lab. otherwise wlil have to upload manually. upload JSON file and generate blue print in design time. Component spec > output Cloudify BP store > was manual

(2) Impact policy models dynamically in run-time. Entities in SDC catalog. Versioning only define pre-defined policy models can't import new ones.

Self Serve Control Loop

SDC SUMMARY: (partially commit)

K8S Based Cloud Region Support

Eric MultanenLiang Ding  artifact Heat template envelope. passed through. artifact designed as cloud artifact in SDC. any parameters are invisible to SDC. figuring out how to address/solve that. Resources? how to expose parameters; digging into the artifact. Its type and artifact were hard-coded. Should be refactored but works. ideally specify the artifact name & type by user.

SDC SUMMARY: (needs further investigation)

Change Management

Chris Rapposelli-Manzo , schedule opt/deconfliction might impact. W/F for change management. PNF S/W upgrade. Historically there has been SDC impact but no development.

service design W/F designer (amdocs made the original flexible W/F designer). hard-coded SO W/F (sent for every VNF)

choose model before W/F want it to be indep. artifact and attach to any model.

SDC SUMMARY: (needs investigation)

Multi-Domain Optical Service Orchestration

Have to start discussions. Mostly for now we will just be using existing features of SDC. May require small tweaks. Satoshi Fujii ; might be able to design with existing SDC features. Might be no impact. Other requirement might need importing svc template from remote ONAP instance. might be impact to SDC. Still some open questions. Still investigating. Review solution.

SDC SUMMARY: SDC can commit based on Fujitsu resources.

3rd Party Op Domain Mgr

ONAP Ext API updates SDC catalog by invoking internal SDC API. Atif Husain . SDC-2378

SDC SUMMARY: SDC committed



Use Case Impacts Spreadsheet


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