1 High Level Component Definition and Architectural Relationships 

2. Template Component API definitions

Template Component provides the following interfaces:

Interface NameInterface Definition Interface CapabilitiesVersionStatusConsumed Models
xxxE-1External Interface Definition. 


x.y.z (according to strategy)



xxxI-2Internal interfaces if we want to raise them

 Display and update:


Note:   xxxI interface is a internal interface.  xxxxE interface is a external interface

Template Component consumes the following Interfaces:

Interface NamePurpose Reason For UseVersion(s)
SDCE-6To Recieve the Control Loop Blueprint from SDCTo recieve
PolicyE-2To create and configure the closed Loop Operational Policies
DCAEE-x Retrieve DCAE appplication status
DCAEE-y Deploy/remove DCAE application. 

3. Component Description:

A more detailed figure and description of the component.

<< link to project-specific description elsewhere >>

4. known system limitations

Architectural Technical Debt

Runtime: None

Clamp data redundancy is dependant on kubernetes and the persisten volume.

Clamp appliation redundancy HA reliease on kubernetes

5. System Deployment Architecture


6. New Release Capabilities

<< list the new capabilities that were introduced in this release, or a hot-link to the key features. New sub-chapter per release, as per a release notes document >> 

7. References

  1.  CLAMP Overview & User Guide: 
  2. CLAMP internal interfaces: 

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