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 | 9am PDT |  noon EDT | 16:00 UTC | 18:00 CEST | 21:30 IST 

Meeting ID: 890 6970 8424



Discussion items


Next meetings: 

2021-08-18: Martin Skorupski 

2021-08-25: John Keeney 

2021-09-01: Martin Skorupski

2021-09-08: Martin Skorupski





O-RAN SC: Copying/Releasing helm charts in O-RAN-SC nexus repo (maybe restricted access?!?!)

Status: canceled (Nexus does not support Helm chart distribution)

Question from O-RAN-SC to ONAP: What is possible in ONAP nexus?

Sébastien Determe: adds some info


INFO: PM Streaming: ASN.1 via WebSocket according to O-RAN SpecO-RAN Operations and Maintenance Interface 4.0 - November 2020

Topic was discussed in DCAE Meeting: 2021-08-04 DCAE Meeting Notes

HV-VES vs "standard" VES collector

info: HV-VES not used by OOF-SON use case (yet)

info: no relation between HV-VES and PM-Mapper

2021-08-11 Krystian Kedron

I refactored current Jira’s base on our discussion:

And also create a new one:

00:40SMO deployment options

SMO deployment options

  • no tested helm for OAM in O-RAN-SC D-Release - idea update the one from C-release
  • for Non-RT-RIC a new helm is available - still some updates to be done
  • Please see presentation within  REQ-887 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Meeting? on Friday 6/25


  • kubernetes updates
  • issues with certs addressed
  • reuse of O-RAN-SC helm 
  • Winriver lab

<Martin Skorupski needed to leave. John Keeney continues minutes. See also: 2021-06-23 Meeting notes - Joint OAM / NONRTRIC / SIM SCRUM meeting >

INFO from Christophe - 2021-06-30:

Just a few notes:

  • We have agreed with ONAP and other members of O-RAN SC to keep an ad-hoc call on Friday to discuss technical details for now (will remove this meeting once all details are sorted out and use the joint meeting to report status)
  • Main comment from John is that we cannot consider an SMO deployment without having a way to deploy Non-RT-RIC as well as ONAP components (hence a debate on how this should materialize : extend OOM? )
  • We have progressed on the POC in the meanwhile, Sebastien had an idea and has pushed a small repository on github to show what we are doing for now to create a unique installation for O-RAN, trying to implement the following idea:
    • Started from IT/DEP repo, containing some Helm charts for O-RAN (including Non-RT-RIC)
    • Seems an embryo of using ONAP charts to deploy SMO components but sounded like a fork of ONAP charts
    • Instead of copy pasting OOM charts, he create a git submodule referring to oom ONAP charts repo (to keep ONAP untouched)
    • Rework the O-RAN charts to map them to the OOM structure (like OOM'ized O-RAN charts)
    • Try and build (created some makefiles, inspired from ONAP) then push them to a single chart repository
    • Merged ONAP override and O-RAN override to have a single file
    • Created an Install script to deploy the charts in a single Namespace
    • … it worked more or less

We plan to show that maybe on Friday call (


Are the following pages related?

  • CNF/VNF deployments


way forward



  • from John Keeney LFN ticket required to put helm into nexus
  • control about helm from different project


  • not much additional features required for SMO deployment.
  • next step in the area of CNF deployment in combination with SMO
    • as demoed one year ago by Samsung (including closed loop and A1 Policies)
    • use case will be updated to Honolulu 


  • no updates on last weeks call
  • cnf deployment - reuse of existing use case implementation.

VES - CM-Notify

The following 3GPP CM notifications specified in 3GPP TS 28.532 [4] are supported in O-RAN:





Its syntax is defined in

~/_3gpp/MnS ((SA88-Rel16))

└─ $ ▶ grep -anri notifyMOI*

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:87:        notifyMOICreation:

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:95:          $ref: '#/components/schemas/notifyMOICreation-NotifType'

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:108:       notifyMOIDeletion:

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:116:         $ref: '#/components/schemas/notifyMOIDeletion-NotifType'

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:129:       notifyMOIAttributeValueChange:

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:137:         $ref: '#/components/schemas/notifyMOIAttributeValueChange-NotifType'

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:150:       notifyMOIChanges:

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:158:         $ref: '#/components/schemas/notifyMOIChanges-NotifType'

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:365:        - notifyMOICreation

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:366:        - notifyMOIDeletion

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:367:        - notifyMOIAttributeValueChange

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:513:    notifyMOICreation-NotifType:

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:530:    notifyMOIDeletion-NotifType:

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:546:    notifyMOIAttributeValueChange-NotifType:

OpenAPI/provMnS.yaml:569:    notifyMOIChanges-NotifType:

OpenAPI/genericNrm.yaml:297:        - notifyMOICreation

OpenAPI/genericNrm.yaml:298:        - notifyMOIDeletion

OpenAPI/genericNrm.yaml:299:        - notifyMOIAttributeValueChanges

Please see further details:



CCSDK-3422 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Please see comments:




00:00Use Case


OSC Proposed e2e integration use case: O-RU FH connection recovery

<bridge dropped recording stopped at this point. Most participants reconnected once bridge started again>

  • Topology ??: (contd)
    • John Keeney Lots of options for how this should be done properly in ONAP.
    • Swaminathan Seetharaman ONAP usecases already have some plans for this e.g. slicing, oof,  etc
    • Andy Mayer A model should be agreed in ONAP. Lots of previous discussions in ONAP - e.g. what goes in A&AI and CPS ... but that was a while ago.
    • Martin Skorupski SDNR has some topology model too - not standards based.
    • @Sven John Keeney Martin Skorupski Lots of issues with different topology models ... and most existing hierarchical models break down in a 5G/CloudRan environment
    • Lots of work ... Andy Mayer Martin Skorupski Can create a JIRA in ONAP MODCOM ...
    • ... but will keep it simple here for this use case.
  • @? Will other O1 usecases be effected? Martin Skorupski i No. O1 functions continue as before.
  • Martin Skorupski Please add feedback if any

Action items