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 | 9am PST |  noon EST | 17:00 UTC | 18:00 CET | 21:30 IST 




Discussion items


Next meetings: 

2020-12-09: Martin Skorupski John Keeney

2020-12-16: ???

2020-12-23: canceled 

2020-12-30: canceled

2021-01-06: Martin Skorupski


Status reports:

OSC Cherry Rapidly approaching! (Release early Dec)!

00:21Use Case

ONAP H M1 extension ... 7th January?

  • ONAP Usecases:
  • ONAP Slicing Usecase:
    • Swaminathan S Hope to use the A1 interface to nearRTRIC. Come along to ONAP Slicing use case call for more info.
    • John Keeney Which nearRTRIC will you use in that use case: Swaminathan S Not decided yet, maybe Simulator or OSC nearRTRIC.
    • John Keeney How would a nearRTRIC/RAN-CNF be deployed / stood-up? SDC? Orchestrator?. Swaminathan S in Guilin all NFs are already up & running. May move to dynamic instantiation etc in Honolulu. Lots to do for modelling too in H for RU/DU/CU. Also Midhaul & Fronthaul & would need to interact with transport slicing functions .... TBC
    • Swaminathan S Will demo slicing in early Jan. Would be great to engage O-RAN folks there.
    • Swaminathan S Looking for update on Yang Model ... (Please confirm with Martin Skorupski & O-RAN WG1 team).
    • Swaminathan S Any plans in OSC for Slicing? John Keeney Don't think there is a plan in OSC Dawn to look at slicing. Will of course touch base if there is
  • ONAP SON use case
    • Swaminathan S Currently SON has PCI & ANR SON functions. A simulator exists if useful for OSC. 
    • John Keeney Any plan to make the SON use case more general for other usecases? If so any way it would align with Control-Loop/Apps in ONAP or rApps in OSC?
      • Swaminathan S Should be possible for other use cases to add their own use cases following SON/Control-loop approach. Will add more usecases if they drive platform capabilities forward.
      • Swaminathan S Also hope to look at control loop interactions (Paused since Frankfurt). Also how to look at ML-based SON.
      • John Keeney Sounds like good options for alignment. Let's keep doors open

Please see:  Potential ONAP <-> O-RAN collaboration use cases

00:40Closed loop use cases in OSCJohn Keeney

  • Lasse Kaihlavirta CSIT in ONAP ... Disaggregating CSIT many CSIT functions out to individual projects & more granular. John Keeney Great. A1 Policy functions need to & will align more towards this in ONAP H.



(From last week: Michela Bevilacqua Liam Fallon will revert about a quick demo for TOSCA Defined Control Loop PoC in ONAP & TOSCA Defined Control Loop: Architecture and Design in coming weeks (smile) )

Action items