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James Forsyth

Venkata Harish Kajur

Benjamin Cheung

Ali Daher

Keong Lim

udhaya chandran

Pavel Paroulek

Tian Lee

Manisha Aggarwal

Bharath Thiruveedula

William LaMont

Philip Blackwood

Ankit Bhatt

Steven Blimkie

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NFVO added to ESR

can we discuss in this meeting on NFVO as new node in esr system info for the SOL 005 usecase: Support ETSI NFV-SOL 005 (Os-Ma-Nfvo ref point ) between SO & VF-C/NFVO

AAI-2194 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Container Images

Container Image Minimization Guidelines

  • James Forsyth will compile the set of instructions for building docker images,:
    For resources, traversal, graphadmin, cacher, and schema-service, all of the images can be built via this:
mvn -Pdocker clean install -DskipTests -Dcheckstyle.skip=true, dockerfile are located


    Amdocs microservices have instructions in the wiki, collate this into a single wiki page
    Recommended docker version - should tie to kubernetes version (maybe link to ONAP wiki page)

schema-service has v16 files

Is v15 API for Dublin release? AAI-1811 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Why does schema-service now have v16 files? AAI-2161 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • James Forsyth Document nodes wiki and add explanation about presence of the v15 file. Should add v14-v15 changes to release notes.
Dublin: circular dependency between aai-common and schema-service causes build failure

While building aai-common, aai-common/aai-core has dependency on schema-service (build fails).

While building schema-service, schema-service/aai-schema-gen has dependency on aai-common/aai-schema-ingest (build fails).

Seems like a circular dependency between aai-common and schema-service, with both builds broken on the first pass.

On the second or subsequent passes, there might be enough libraries built to make it work again, but that's very unclean.

Currently, it might be passing when downloading artifacts because it's actually pulling older versions from maven repositories, similar to the "second or subsequent passes" described above.

Pulling from maven repositories is no good for testing changes to schemas in local dev environments (won't see the new schemas in the microservices, see also step 7 of AAI Tutorial-Making and Testing a Schema Change - Dublin messing around with "mvn versions:set -DnewVersion=0.0.1-TEST-SNAPSHOT" etc).

The build should be a DAG (directed acyclic graph) and work on a single-pass.

These really should not be separate repositories. There's too much coupling between the microservices to sensibly keep them as separate repositories. A single repository can already have multiple microservices/libraries/etc as artifacts.

  • Venkata Harish Kajur create oxm files for the junits in aai-core to remove the coupling to the schema service to prevent circular dependency

Run AAI containers as non-root user

  • The Docker and Kubernetes engines may run as root until such time as the products support non-root execution.
  • Applications may run as root within a container.
  • The process ID of a container must not run as the root ID with the exception of containers supporting ONAP features that require the container to run as the root ID.
  • Containers may run with root privileges.
  • Project containers that run as the root ID must document this in the release notes along with the functionality that requires the container to run as the root ID.

AAI-2172 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Dublin StatusJames Forsyth

Encourage our clients to migrate off named query

Trying for Silver badge and Level 2 on Security; 50% code coverage on repos

Resiliency and fault tolerance; meeting notice never published,

  • James Forsyth will set up session using zoom for next week, due 10 Feb - update, Re-requested for 2/19

CSIT on OOM needs to cover more of the services - no volunteers to look at this

Moving Helm charts into AAI repos

  • Pavel Paroulek is the AAI contact for doing the helm chart migration, info passed along to Mike Elliot
  • No 2 way TLS in Dublin; James Forsyth will socialize early in El Alto, Due  

Volumed run-time generated certificates are possible

GraphGraph is coming

RestClient updates are potentially being contributed by community members

CSIT Robot Integration Sanity Test Cases

Need to maintain these for Dublin, and expand to include things like MSB integration. Establish a working group to develop CSIT test cases for Dublin and document them on the wiki. James Forsyth will create the page and solicit ideas.

AAI R4 Integration Sanity Test Plans

See also Contributing To AAI Best Practise

AAI data model principles document
  • James Forsyth will set up a separate session to provide ideas on what should be in the document

Looking to bring in SME who would document rules for A&AI schema principles, define design principles for data model. Document will serve as reference during code reviews for A&AI data model. Chandra Cinthala is identified as the resource who will co-ordinate the activity

See also AAI Data Model Principles

AAI Dublin wiki updates

Added pages to AAI in Dublin Release

Venkata Harish Kajur could you please update procedures for schema-service implementation?

Will need this to work on Dublin schema changes (e.g. BBS use case)

Custom query designJames Forsyth
MSB Configs

AAI-1964 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-1965 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI-1966 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8th Jan: This one could be a problem: MSB-198 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Dublin Use Cases

5G Use Case (R4 Dublin)

BBS Broadband Service Use Case (Dublin)

CCVPN Use Case (Dublin)

Change Management Dublin Extensions

Fine Grain Placement Service (F-GPS) Edge Automation (Dublin)

OpenSource Access Manager (OSAM) Use Case

K8S based Cloud Region Support

Tony Noori from AT&T will identify the ONAP POC for system engineering for AAI modelling. This person will coordinate schema changes, watch the use case wiki, jira, perform gerrit reviews, etc.

Analysis: AAI R4 Use Case and Functional Requirements Impacts

SONARJames Forsyth

Keong Lim and James Forsyth will develop a strategy for the SONAR TD to allow for new devs to make productive use of their time; Suggestion of one task per repo with subtasks of items that need to be fixed.

Started wiki page Contributing To AAI By Assisting with Sonar Reports / AAI-2125 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Also a similar one for Contributing To AAI By Assisting with Maven Warnings / AAI-2133 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Dublin 5G Use Case

Go to [usecase] Platform Evolution for Use Case Realization w/ SO, AAI, DCAE, SDC, VID, SDNC

Open Action Items


  1. James Forsyth can we discuss in this meeting on NFVO as new node in esr system info ?

    1. Feel free to add to agenda items (put in as item 1 today).