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2020 Modeling Subcommittee Recordings

Duration 60 minutes

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ONAPMODEL-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS

1) Email Polls

All review comments have been addressed. See: 

The related wiki page that describes the information model can be found at:

Please submit only 1 vote per company to this email list.

The polling period will be open until 15:00GMT on 18 April 2020.

We will address rough consensus during the 21 April 2020 Modeling Subcommittee weekly call.

2) PNF Software Version  (Fei Zhang ) (Come back until end of Frankfurt release)

      Slides describing the proposal available for comments: ONAP Non-MANO Artifacts Set Identifiers_PA3.pptx (Michela Bevilacqua)

Action item: Michela Bevilacqua will connect with VNFRQS PTL to build lifetime readthedoc. Jira is created for VNFRQS.

3)  Use the established wiki page for capturing modeling current activity status.

Provide the dash board of current status and how to involve:

See: Modeling Current Activity Status

4)  How to proceed future DM discussion?

  • Conclusion: SDC and Modeling subcommittee review and approve it together, (perhaps use SDC features meeting or Modeling Subcommittee meeting, with additional modeling breakouts if needed).
    • Engage Use Case teams for Frankfurt updates and Guilin data model requirements Benjamin Cheung


  • LFN Technical Meetings:  April 21-23, 2020  - Virtual Event
  • Please submit your topics not later than April 13th, EOD
  • Action item: Joint review on Requirement/usecase/Modeling on use cases to identify whehter Archcom or Modcom will be influenced.
  • added item during their presentation: impacted arch and modeling.  Use Case Tracking Template

6) Review procedure:

6.1:  ONAP R7 Modeling High Level Requirements

6.2:  Use case guidance from Modeling subcommittee

Action item: encourage to review and comment

  Benjam will help to arrange modeling present in use case group on Apr. 29th.

7) Proposal on how to describe and document relationships in ONAP Info Model Jacqueline Beaulac Michela Bevilacqua

Andy Mayer will open a Jira ticket for this.


ONAPMODEL-1 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Resource IM

ONAP R6 Resource IM Call 2020-4-6

Added:  ONAPMODEL-27 - Getting issue details... STATUS


ONAPMODEL-2 - Getting issue details... STATUS


ONAPMODEL-12 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAI Reverse Engineering status

Addressed in Resource IM

New uml from AAi has errors that need to be fixed.

5Model Enabled ONAP effort

Invite the introduction about Model enabled ONAP

2020-03-02 ONAP Model Enabled Meeting

Action item:

Bob Papa invite SO to present model driven POC

 5 Container model

0310: Introduction of K8S module in MultiVIM project

cFW orchestration demo 


0324: Invite K8S PoC


Modeling and Use Cases

Proposed ONAP Release Process Updates for Information and Data Modeling

Discuss M3 process

Proposed Functional Template for Use Cases

Need to begin using these Functional Templates for each Use Case. Possibly merge into a single template. Benjamin Cheungis working with the Architecture Subcommittee (Use Case realization effort) to introduce.

See: ONAP Use Case / Requirements Teams Process Way of Working (WoW)


Zoom Chat Log