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Session Recordings (where provided):

Monday, Dec 11, 2017 

Auditorium Session Recording (AM)Recording Time IndexPresentationSession Information


00:03:50 (no audio)
Welcome & Logistics -Rajesh Gadiyar
BeijingDevForum2017-Dec-11-main-0.mp400:14:10 (no audio)
Opening RemarksArpit Joshipura
TSC Meeting- Beijing Scope and Priority -Mazin Gilbert
BeijingDevForum2017-Dec-11-main-0.mp401:00:13Beijing Functional Requirements for TSC ApprovalTSC Meeting- Review Use Cases/Requirements for Beijing Release -Alla Goldner
TSC Meeting- Target Architecture Review for Beijing -Chris Donley
TSC Meeting- Beijing Release Plan Review -Gildas Lanilis

TSC Meeting- Target Software Architecture Review for Beijing -Chris Donley • Mazin Gilbert • Jason Hunt
Amsterdam Lessons Learned -Helen Chen
Auditorium Session Recording (PM)

Session Information


ONAP Amsterdam Architecture -Chris Donley



(no video)

An Introduction to the ONAP Operations Manager (OOM) -Mike Elliott • David Sauvageau

Deploy ONAP/OOM on Any Environment -Michael O'Brien
VNF SDK supporting VNF Onboarding -Chris Donley
AAI Abstractions & Extensibility -Adrian Batos-Parac

Telemetry and Analytics for the NFV World - IOAM, DCAE, PNDA -Frank Brockners
Active, or Planned Deployments of ONAPJamil Chawki • Eric Debeau

Monday- Breakout Session 

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017 

Tuesday- Breakout Sessions

RecordingPresentationSession Information

DCAE+PNDA huddle

VNF Onboarding Experience review

OOM Team Session 1

MSB to Support Carrier Grade ONAP Microservice Architecture with Service Mesh

How to Setup a Development Environment for ONAP

Auto-Scaling Capability Support in ONAP

Real Time Data Event Streaming & Processing a Critical Need for True Automation Control

ONAP Open Source Practice: Codifying Upstream First with Lessons from OpenDaylight, OPNFV and OpenStack

Securing ONAP Using Trusted Infrastructure Solutions

Testing Strategies for Beijing

ONAP R2 Modeling Progress - an SDC perspective

Analysis of ETSI Vs ONAP APIs

End-to-End Model Driven VNF Lifecycle Management/Modeling

ONAP R2+ E2E Modeling.pdfONAP R2+ Modeling Design MERGED WITH End-to-End Model End-to-End Model Driven VNF Lifecycle Management/Modeling

ONAP/OOM for Developers

ONAP Operation Enhancement

Closed Loop Automation with CLAMP

ONAP/OPNFV Certification & Compliance

Toward Container Support as Cloud Infrastructure that Runs VNFs

ONAP Integration Through Information and Data Modeling

Multi-Cloud R2 Planning for carrier requirements.pdfMulti Cloud Evolvement in R2 for Carrier Grade Support

ONAP CI/CD using OOM Kubernetes

Release Planning
Service Design in SDC.mp4

SDC Modeling Session

ONAP Modeling Workshop

ONAP Developer's LAB - Dev and Integration Testing Tutorial

DCAE R2 and Beyond

AAI Model Visualization

OOM Team Session 2

Deep Dive into the VPP based VNFs of the vCPE Use case

SDC code deep dive basic flow and SDC SDK’s

5G PNF support and Network Slicing deep-dive

12-12-2017 - Control Loop Sub Committee - Santa Clara F2FControl Loop Sub Committee Meeting

OOM Walk-in Session 1

Model Driven Service Orchestration - SO State of the Union

S3P: Scale Testing the Network Control Plane

Beijing Release Development Best Practices session 2

PNF and Hybrid Services Support in ONAP

State, Context, Adaptability, and Scale for Self-Learning Closed Loop Policies


5G use case team discussion of PNF and EtE Slicing support

How was VNF Function Test Automation implemented in VNF SDK?

Service Orchestration and the Needs of Users

Hands-ON TOSCA Modeling Workshop with TOSCA Simple Profile and ARIA

Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017 

Auditorium Session RecordingRecording Time IndexPresentationSession Information



TSC Meeting- Agenda & housekeeping Kenny Paul


TSC Meeting- Beijing Scope, mazin gilbert


TSC Meeting- Beijing Calendar and Dev. Best Practices Gildas Lanilis

TSC Meeting- Platform Maturity Model Jason Hunt


TSC Meeting- Usecase Subcommittee Functional Requirements for Beijing Alla Goldner

BeijingDevForum2017-Dec-13-main-0.mp402:01:20no slides

TSC Meeting - LFN Charter Discussion Phil Robb


Image Manager

TSC Meeting- New Project Proposals



Container based network service/function deployment

TSC Meeting- New Project Proposals

Isaku Yamahata

BeijingDevForum2017-Dec-13-main-0.mp403:09:20ONAP Benchmark

TSC Meeting- New Project Proposals

Yan Chen

BeijingDevForum2017-Dec-13-main-0.mp403:24:30CHAP - Common High Availability Platform

TSC Meeting- New Project Proposals

Brendan Tschaen

Progressing ONAP Testing and Integration With a "Dummy VNF" -Andrew Fenner

Policy Lifecycle API -Pamela Dragosh

Management of Cloud Native VNFs with ONAP -Munish Agarwal
Enabling Workloads Orchestration in Containers via Multi Cloud -Gil Hellmann • Bin Hu • Ramki Krishnan • Sumit Verdi

Wednesday- Breakout Sessions

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  1. Are the ONAP Hackathon themes already finalized or can we suggest any? Thank you.

    1. ONAP DevOps - via OOM Kubernetes ONAP (hands-on - bring your lab)

      CD daily verification of ONAP tagged master branch (demo)

  2. Kenny  - Hi this date has moved to Nov 6 - just verifying without editing this page - see request on onap-discuss below

    CFP Close: Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 11:59 PST


    Confirmed the 6th


    thank you


  3. Fellow ONAP Enthusiasts – we eagerly await the decision on the F2F topics for Santa Clara in Dec at midnight tonight to see what an ecosystem of talks and hands-on labs will look like.

  4. Is there a default location where all presentations from this event sessions may be found? I do see many links to Zoom sessions, but having presented documents in one place would be VERY helpful.

    Thank you!

    1. Some presenters (myself included) have added their presentations directly into the Sched tool itself.

      Having said that, anything that needs to live beyond this summit, probably needs to find a home in the wiki itself.