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1Disable charts that are not part of the demo workflows



Follow the example of DMaaP in oom:

  • specify the conditions that would include the components in the requirements.yaml:;a=blob;f=kubernetes/dmaap/requirements.yaml;hb=HEAD

  • specify the components that are enabled/disabled by default in the values.yaml:;a=blob;f=kubernetes/dmaap/values.yaml;hb=HEAD

  • move the charts to components sub-directory

2Review of AAI El Alto backlog



Getting issues...

3AAI-EVENT configuration


While investigating and responding to discovered that topic name "AAI-EVENT" appears in some configuration property files but also hard-coded into some Java files.

Is this topic name intended to be fully configurable or not?






4AAI schema UML diagram



See also:

Gerrit review for swagger template

Meeting recording attached to previous week 2019-05-16 AAI Developers Meeting

See also wiki and sub-pages: Reverse-engineering AAI data model to Papyrus information model

13th June: Presentation from DDF in Stockholm:

13th June: Video of presentation from DDF in Stockholm:

5AAI Alpine conversionDmitrii Puzikov


11th July 2019

After some delay we were able to deploy ONAP with minimized AAI images and perform

  • ONAP robot healthdist tests and test model-loader manually.
  • All AAI related robot tests and model-loader tests were passed successfully.
  • Please, find detailed report in JIRA:
6New UI Features / Historical TrackingWilliam Reehil


The AT&T team has done an exciting POC at a sprint-a-thon event that they would like to share with the community.
7Alternative meeting system


Just in case Zoom problems continue, try this instead:

8Review El Alto proposals


AAI Epics/Stories in JIRA: Getting issues...



Message was sent to onap-discuss list a couple of weeks ago.

Would like to get someone to look at it and continue the investigation.

102 Types of logging in A&AI WS


1st Nov 2018

There are 2 types of logging in the services

  • one read from EELFManager
  • the other Logger log = Logger.getLogger( ...

Is that correct? Shouldn't there be just 1 type?

1st Nov:

After Casablanca release investigate logging guidelines and figure out what library to use in order to unify logging within A&AI

26th Nov: See also ONAP Application Logging Specification - Post Dublin

29th Nov: how does this fit with LOG-877 - Getting issue details... STATUS ?

28th May: Stela Stoykova is fixing AAI-2462 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Are there more that should be done for El Alto?

11AAI Standalone UI Access/setup



Francis Paquette

James Forsyth

AAI-2418 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • In casablanca environment without Sparky-fe, how we are able to access the AAI-UI?
  • In standalone AAI setup, how can i access the AAI UI? i am running the resources, traversal, elastic-search, search-data-service and sparky-be. but not able to access the UI, need to run any other services to access the UI?

tried with below URL,



Whitelabel Error Page

This application has no explicit mapping for /error, so you are seeing this as a fallback.
Tue May 21 05:07:26 UTC 2019
There was an unexpected error (type=Not Found, status=404).
No message available

12Dublin Branching



El Alto runs Jun - Sep - technical debt and S3P/deployability release

Frankfurt starts in Sep 

As of now, master will accept feature development for Frankfurt

We tag dublin at release time (early June)

The Dublin branch becomes El Alto (similar to a Dublin Maintenance Release)

El Alto changes will be cherry picked back to master

13GraphGraph demoPavel Paroulek


2nd May 2019

A 5-10 minute demo of GraphGraph AAI-531 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Feedback needed!

14AAI Modeling Multi-part key for schema elements


25th Apr 2019



  • The cloud-region schema element is unusual in that it has a two-part key i.e. "cloud-owner" and "cloud-region-id". There are not many other usages of it ("ctag-pool" , "service-capability" and "route-target" are three others, out of over 100 other schema elements)
  • Is it possible to enhance the error message to indicate that part of the key value is missing from the relationship-data?  AAI-2391 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Is it time to deprecate the relationship-data and switch over to using the related-link only?
  • Is there any modeling guidance that would steer new designs away from using multi-part key for schema elements?
  • Are there other caveats to using the multi-part key design for schema elements?
  • Can we get feedback from Chandra Cinthalaon the key design for multi-part keys and whether this will be more common going forward?

    Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 12:16 AM
    To: Keong Lim <>; FORSYTH, JAMES <>
    Subject: Re: [confluence] Keong Lim has assigned tasks to you in "2019-05-02 AAI Developers Meeting"


    I think we have no plans to deprecate the relation-data option the in the A&AI relationship payload.

    It's another option for the client to specify the relationship.



  • See also email from Marco Platania in
15Return codes and messages for WS


25th Apr 2019

Is there a guide for the description of the error message and the error codes? How are new error states (message + code) added?

  • William LaMont will send James Forsyth the output of a script that formats the file to make a wiki page and readthedocs
  • James Forsyth should commit that script and create a wiki for the error properties
16Purpose of fields in AAI


18th April 2019

Dénes Németh wrote in AAI-1104 - Getting issue details... STATUS :

In think it would be good to answer what is the meaning of the field (collection of PEMs of the CA xor URL)


1. Is AAI intended to strictly prescribe how the fields are used and what contents are in the values?
2. Or does AAI simply reflect the wishes of all the client projects that use it to store and retrieve data?

Even if (1) is true, AAI is not really in any position to enforce how clients use the data, so really (2) is always true and we need to consult the original producers of the data and the ultimate consumers of the data to document their intended meanings.

How do we push to have documentation on the purpose and meaning of the fields in AAI?

Where does all this documentation go?

Should the documentation be backed up by validation code?

See also discussion about AAI in 2018-11-28 ExtAPI Meeting notes

29th Nov: Started on new wiki page AAI Schema Producer-Consumer Pairings

18th Apr: Can we have this documentation go into ONAP in a generic way?

24th Apr: See also questions about "sw-version" in

17range query


7th Feb 2019
  • Invite Arul Nambi and CT Paterson to next week's dev call to talk about how sparky/elastic does partial/range matches

18Schema-service roadmap


21st Mar 2019

31st Jan 2019:

The schema-service is ready. Currently it provides file-sharing capabilities in terms of schema/edgerule files.

In order for GraphGraph to take advantage of the schema parsing/processing in schema-service additional abstractions have to be implemented on top of the crude file2string functionality currently in schema-service.

  • Venkata Harish Kajurwill ask Manisha Aggarwalif the current functionality of the schema-service is the final version for Dublin and if there will be further enhancements in next releases. 

GraphGraph needs the following functionality:

Venkata Harish Kajur  and Manisha Aggarwal What is missing in schema service that is needed in graphgraph is the following:

  • rest call to get available schemas
  • list of all schema nodes/items (like vserver, tenant, p-interfaces..) for example on a REST path /schemas/{schema}/nodes
  • all relevant attributes of a given node/item for example on REST path /schemas/{schema}/nodes/{node}
  • edges/relationships with their attributes between schema nodes/items (for example on REST path /schemas/{schema}/edges where you specify a "from" "to" schema items as query params)
  • subgraph of the schema, where you specify 1. initial (root) items/node (like tenant or vserver) 2. schema version and 3. number of parent/cousin/child hops from the initial item/node
  • all paths in a given schema graph between 2 items/nodes (like vserver and tenant) for a given schema version
  • edges in the schema graph should be composed of edges in the schema file + edges created from the edgerules file
  • edges should contain basic attributes when delivered via the subgraph call (like parent/child relationship and important properties from edgerules) and have additional (or all) attributes when queries via /schemas/{schema}/edges REST endpoint.

20. Mar 2019:

Open questions for schema-service:

  1. what is the current implemented functionality?
  2. what are the business use-cases in ONAP for schema-service? Description of functionality in relation to other services/projects is needed. In other words who needs it and why?
  3. if no business use-cases can be formulated we should consider removing schema-service from A&AI and replacing it with standard file-sharing mechanisms.

21st Mar 2019:

Based on William Reehil comments what is "our future proposed functionality"?

19New AAF Certificates at startupJimmy Forsyth 


24th Jan 2019

AAI-2476 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AAF will generate certificates to the be used by the containers at startup; AAI services should use the run-time generated certs instead of the ones that are in the repos or oom charts.

In dublin the services will mount a volume with certificates. This is on the roadmap for Dublin as a feature.

  • is this for all service and/or HAProxy?
  • Where are the certificates coming from (OOM/gerrit/generated by AAF)

12th June 2019: Jonathan Gathman demonstrated aaf-hello functionality at DDF event

20Change PNF to use pnf-id as unique key



Potentially breaking change: AAI-2096 - Getting issue details... STATUS / blocked by ONAPARC-409 - Getting issue details... STATUS

See also:


  • how to minimise impact of the transition from pnf-name as unique to pnf-id as unique key?
    • would the v14 URL be different from the v15 URL? would both paths be equally supported for GET/PUT/etc?
  • what forwards-compatibility or backwards-compatibility will be supported?
  • how to migrate forwards or backwards database versions, ONAP versions, etc, across this transition?
  • who is going to implement it? Test it?
  • what is the impact of this not going ahead?
  • William LaMont will check for existing migration utility that handles this use case (changing the key from one existing attribute to another). Changes to pnf object in all oxm versions would be needed, and a migration similar to what was done in UrlMigration but limited to pnf node-type to update the aai-uri, and a schema mode to add an index on pnf-id.
  • James Forsyth will socialize the breaking change on the PNF in the next PTL call so clients can prepare to do a search for ?pnf-name=${pnf-name} instead of /pnfs/pnf/${pnf-name}. They also need to handle doing the PUT operation differently - Added to PTL agenda PTL 2019-02-19
21AAI HAProxy and 2-way-TLS


29th Nov

Technical solution to either decommission the proxy or make design changes to AAF to enable client side certificates.

After VF2F we will know if this is a requirement in Dublin. We discuss after this date.

question raised: MSB - would client authentication be supported?

15th Dec:

22AAI Backup and Restore


10th Jan 2019

Brian Freeman asked on Re: Backup and Restore Solution: ONAP-OOM :

what would be the approach to backup an entire ONAP instance particualarly SDC, AAI, SDNC data ? would it be a script with all the references to the helm deploy releases or something that does a helm list and then for each entry does  the ark backup ?

What is the AAI strategy for backup and restore?

What is the overall ONAP strategy for backup and restore?

Should it be unified with the data migration strategy as per "Hbase to Cassandra migration" on 2018-11-14 AAI Meeting Notes?

  • James Forsythwill raise the topic of having backups and restore functionality in ONAP - if it is feasible, on the roadmap and what others PTL think

Jimmy didn't directly raise the topic but there was movement - Keong Lim asked "if istio service mesh is a no-go, is there a replacement for secure onap communications?
is backup/restore/upgradability included in s3p?"

Michael O'Brien replied that a reference tool set for backup and restore was introduced in Casablanca:  Backup and Restore Solution: ONAP-OOM

Mike Elliott said he would look at Brian's question, AAI will provide support as needed.


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