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 | 9am PST |  noon EST | 17:00 UTC | 18:00 CET | 21:30 IST 


(Note new zoom link for today)



Discussion items


Next meetings: 

2021-01-20: Martin Skorupski

2021-01-27: John Keeney

2021-02-03: Martin Skorupski

Note change in bridge/url. A password was added by the bridge administrators (sad)

Apologies to those who could not join (sad)

We are struggling with the Zoom bridge. It appears the O-RAN subscription has ended. We will try to find a better solution in coming weeks. Please keep a close eye on invites etc.

O-RAN (O-RAN-SC) Press release for C-Release

Status reports:

  • Non-RT-RIC: John Keeney 
    • Maintenance release: No major functional change envisioned - most small changed & documentation
      • Examining which functions to cherry pick from master→cherry
    • Dawn requirements planning ongoing
      • Mostly evolution of Cherry functions
      • Beginning to examine rApp platform & packaging - and overlap with "common app" activities
      • Also continuing to look at requirements for R1
    • ONAP Honolulu (A1 Policy functions)
      • Incremental evolution continues

  • OAM: Martin Skorupski
    • No plans for Cherry Mantenance Release
    • Please see Release C press release (above).
    • Will continue discussions on new end-to-end "control loop" use case with RSAC.
      • John Keeney  Martin Skorupski Current O-RU recovery has no A1 aspect, and adding A1 would be challenging. Can use the usecase as a requirements-driving usecase for a simple rApp instead.

00:08ONAP Model

Latest updates related to modeling

00:??Use Case

  • Konrad Bańka Rest based config of A1-PMS. Currently tested & working ... Will it be added in ONAP-Guilin-Maintenance-Release?
    • John Keeney In OSC Cherry ... Will check with team if t will be cherry-picked back to maintenance release


Apologies again for the mix up with the bridge password etc.

Action items


  1. John Keeney, Can you pls update the passcode for the zoom bridge here or in the meeting calendar. 

  2. Manoj Nair Just click on the link - we will let you in...

  3. this link is prompting for passcode 

  4. Hi Martin Skorupski ,  got the same issue as Manoj

  5. Sorry - no it has changed (wink)

  6. Maybe: Passcode: Pf6knR
    I found it on this wiki page.

  7. John Keeney  and Martin Skorupski  - neither worked for me, I've got "No Permission (200)" error msg

    1. ok, worked for me but I had to log out from my Zoom account (also joined via browser, if it changes anything)

  8. so it the meeting with john still