This checklist is expected to be completed for the project to pass the M1 Release Planning Milestone.

M1 Release Planning Milestone definition


  1. Use the "Copy" and "Move" options (available under the ..., top right of this page) to duplicate this template into your project wiki.
  2. Fill out the Yes/No column
  3. Provide link to evidence (when necessary)

PTL reviews the NexusIQ scans for their project repos and fills out the vulnerability review table
Practice AreaCheckpointYes/NoEvidence - CommentHow to?
DocHas the team created a docs folder and Development and Release Notes documentation templates in Readthedocs?
Add a link to your project documentation in ReadTheDocs.

ReadTheDcos shall be considered as a starting point for someone new within ONAP.

The ReadTheDocs is the ONAP Documentation facade visible to users.

Link to

How to setup the template for my project?

SecurityHas the Release Security/Vulnerability table been filled out in the protected Security Vulnerabilities wiki space?
Table in the protected Security Vulnerabilities wiki space corresponds to the latest NexusIQ scan
Have known vulnerabilities (critical and severe) to address/remove in the release been identified with JIRA ticket?
JIRA tickets exist for vulnerabilities or the project indicates that there will be no vulnerability library replacement.Create JIRA tickets
Has the project committed to the release CII badging level?
Project plans that include


or CII Badging Program

Has the project created their project CII questionnaire and completed the ONAP level CII requirements

See CII Badging Program
If the project uses java, has the project integrated with the oparent.pom?
Oparent.pom included in the project
Product ManagementAre Product Backlog Epics entered in Jira?

Getting issues...

Create a Backlog item

Difference between a Product and Sprint Backlog

Are Product Backlog Stories entered in Jira?

Getting issues...

Create a Backlog item
Are Product Backlog Stories linked to Product Backlog Epics?
Product BacklogWork in a Sprint
Are Product Backlog Stories prioritized?

Prioritize a Backlog item
Is the project team ready to estimate the top Stories (for coming Sprint) in Product backlog?

Estimate a Backlog item
Is the project team ready to create a 2 weeks Sprint in Jira?

Create a Sprint
Are Team Members willing to create Tasks and associate them with Stories in Jira?

Create a Backlog item
Has the project team plan to contribute to Platform Maturity Improvement?
Provide a link to project Planning, Platform Maturity table.
Release ManagementIs there a Release Planning Template available and completed in wiki?
Release Planning Template
Has the Platform Maturity Table been updated with current status and Release goal?

For each Release, there is a Platform Maturity table created for PTLs to record their goals and achievements at M4 (Example: Casablanca Release Platform Maturity).
Have all the "Release Components Name" been defined in Resources and Repositories (Deprecated) for your project? (this includes all Sub-Components Names, Sub-Components Repositories Names, Maven Group ID, Sub-Components Description)
Resources and Repositories (Deprecated)
Have all the "Resources committed to the Release" been defined in Resources and Repositories for your project? This includes First and Last names, LFID, Email Address and Location for PTL, Project Manager, Committers and Contributors.
Resources and Repositories (Deprecated)
Have new developers made themself familiar on the Onboarding Process?

Is the project team aware of the Release milestone? Any misses will required TSC exception.

Integration and TestingHas the Integration Team defined the vendor equipment list?
Link to evidence
Has the project passed the Integration Sanity Tests?

Integration sanity tests in Dublin Release cover:

  • ONAP deployment
  • All components health check
  • VNF onboarding and service creation for vFW use case
  • Model distribution for vFW
  • vFW instantiation
  • vFW closed loop
  • vFW deletion

No test failure reported on

No Integration Blocking Issue with no workaround

Has the Integration Team defined the End 2 End Release Test Case?
Link to evidence

Is the Project Team committed to develop Unit Test?

Has the Project Team put in place an Automated Unit Test infrastructure?

Is the Project Team committed to create Continuous System Integration Testing (CSIT) test case?

Is the Project Team committed to perform Scrum ceremonies?

Scrum Overview
Are the Project Team members aware of Continuous Integration Principles (don't break the build, Fix the build,...)?

Continuous Integration
Has the Project Team a clear understanding on the Code Coverage expectations?

Code Coverage and Static Code Analysis

Does the Project Team understand the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) process?

Free and Open Source Software
Is the Project Team willing to fill out accordingly the FOSS table?

Fill out sub-pages for each project under Free and Open Source Software
Is the Project Team willing to comply to the Commit Process?

Commit Messages
Does the Project Team understand the purpose of Code Review?

Code Review
Is the Project Team aware of the Coding Guidelines?

Development Practices (Jave Coding Style)

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