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David McBride---M4 Requirements discussion

Sylvia ---introduction to the ReadtheDocs  and its evolution.

M4 Requirements

David reviewed the requirements and what he needs for the M4.

Several folks had follow on questions:

How do I mark my requirement if I am moving part of it out?  Requirements can be scaled back even later in the release if we need to extend some of the work into subsequent releases.  We need to be as accurate as possible in filling out the score card.  Need to be clear when a requirement is being descoped and need to be clear on the existing status of the requirement as it is documented and include notes if some things will be de-scoped e.g. if you are moving some things out but haven’t done it yet you are probably yellow not green and you should put in notes saying the parts you can’t do and that you intend to move them to the Guilin release.

If a requirement is moved do we have to get approval or can we assume its ok for the next release e.g. if move from Frankfurt is approval for Guilin automatic?  The answer was no you have to communicate to the architectural subcommittee and let them know that Frankfurt scope was reduced and you want to be able to add it to Guilin.  They will probably accept this but you have to review

We were not sure what the Use Case Action item was that you wanted David to discuss.  He suggested we re-schedule that.


Sylvia provided an over view of the plans for the evolution of material from the WIKI to the read the docs site.

The reason for making this evolution in documentation is to provide an easier more organized way to find official information.  Much information will remain on the WIKI but critical Use Case information as it matures and stabilizes needs to move to the ReadTheDocs.  A task force is being started to evaluate what material should move from the WIKI.  One of the members of the audience (I didn’t’ catch the name) showed some examples of issues they were facing and with the difficulty in getting items to the Read the Docs.  Sylvia acknowledged that the documentation is a little sparse and that they are working on improving the documentation guidelines.  I asked if they might prepare a tutorial that they could film and post with the guidelines showing folks how to do some of the basic things and then providing resources for questions.  Sylvia seemed very willing to do that.  She said that they plan to have a Hackathon to improve the documentation and info on the hackathon is below.  If anyone from the use case realization team is interested in participating or perhaps in being a beta contributor to move a use case using their new documentation and tools she would very much welcome that.  Let her know if you want to get involved.  She is also willing to come back to your project utilization call and provide updates on their progress with the idea that perhaps we can partner to start to move use cases.

A gentleman from Orange told us that the scale out use case is an excellent example of the sort of documentation we are looking for.  Below is a link to that Use Case.  He went through a bit of it and it seemed very impressive.

Good example of use cases is



Controller to NF Association

See Slides Nov 6, 2018. Development of Controller to NF assignment association S/W.

CDS, VF-C, APP-C, SDN-R, SDN-C; will the CCSDK "merging" of controllers happen in R6?


Use Case


Data Persistency, RunTime DB

RunTime Config DB is now a R6 use case :

USE CASE REALIZATION MEETING (Notes 2019-01-30) U/C Cross-Interaction, Persistency


Jan 22 - CMNotify; SA5 3GPP Meeting. CMNotify domain. VES Event spec 7.1.1. Alok Gupta has not updated the VES event. On a leave of absence (Hip surgery). CMNotify is going to be done by Nokia. Sync with Sandeep Shah



Controller LCM API Evolution

Goals (Architecture Evolution)
  • Target is common LCM API in CCSDK usable by different controller personas to simplify for both clients and controller implementations
  • Support PNFs for applicable LCM operations in a consistent way
  • Enable use of CDS blueprint processor to customize behavior of LCM operations in the 'self-service' category
    • In ONAP R4, CDS can be used for pre/post-instantiation configuration. Generic and model-driven design should allow CDS usage to be extended for additional operations and use cases.
  • Evolution steps that preserve backwards compatibility for clients

Present at the Arch S/C Apr 9 (Tue) second presentation.

Use Cases


RAN (ORAN-3GPP) Standards Harmonization with ONAP

  • Orchestration at the Edge.
  • A1/O1/E2 communications. Edge to ENBs, Telemetry.
  • E2 will not have this info. O1 is I/F for PM counts. Not a management I/F.
  • WG3 (ORAN) is defining this.
  • ONAP w/ O1. Changes w/ O1 interface.
  • How to satisfy A1/O1 and in what time-frame.
  • U/C ORAN - ONAP harmonization. 3GPP ORAN ONAP.
  • Starting a new U/C in 5G. Marge, Vimal, Fred Feisullin
  • Edge inventory & topology. Transport BH consideration w/ real-time near-RT aspects
  • Akraino. MEC. Edge automation (Ramki).


Use Cases


Licensing Management

New U/C added to the 5G Use Cases Wiki: LICENSING MANAGEMENT

(Oct 8 2019) Arch Samuli presented on Licensing Management.

Modeling work: ONAP R6 Modeling High Level Requirements

Kevin Skaggs Proposed Licensing Platform Model

Use Cases



PoC for December 2019? SDN-R south-bound NetConf I/F w/ model

and also integration with Runtime DB work.

Use Cases


BBS U/C Evolution

BBS Evolution - Slide set linked in R6 proposed U/C. List of proposals & functional requirements.

  1. Change Service - want to use ONAP platform.
  2. Full Closed Loop for Fault Management - CLAMP.
  3. Service Update API (SO) - will be developed

Use Cases


PM Dictionary/FM MD GUI

Use Cases


PNF S/W Upgrade

PNF software upgrade in R6 Frankfurt
Use Cases




VNF-SDK Artifact package security


IoT Service Creation

IoT Create Services on 5G

5G Use Cases in R6 Frankfurt

June 19, 2019

Use Cases


Modeling gNB/5G RAN

Align & harmonize information models to ONAP model and ONAP internal information & data model:

ETSI SOL001 ... 007 with ONAP internal Model, PNFD modeling (Model S/C), 5G Model (3GPP, RAN), ORAN (WGs, RAN), Open ROADM (reconfig optical add/drop multiplexer, Optical), ONF (Optical), ISOMII (Optical), OTCC (Optical transport config & control)

Use Cases


5G NRM (Network Resource Model) Configuration

yaoguang wang

June 2019 LFN DDF, titled as '5G Provisioning management service to NRM

Presentation: 5G Network Resource Model (NRM) Configuration in R6 Frankfurt

Use Cases


PNF / Plug and Play

Benjamin Cheung

PNF Plug and Play

M2/ - Pending  REQ-140 - Getting issue details... STATUS - CMPv2 Security enhancements to AAF (Netconf & PM impacts also).


Architecture S/C


Arch S/C Information Flows: Draft ONAP Information Flows

New Information flow for Preonboarding/Onboarding xNF packages/resources.

ARCHCOM: InfoFlow - Onboard Resource into SDC Flow



PoC Definition

POC definition


Test Automation Progress

Use Case Test Automation

Action Items: Use case subcommittee to reach the Dublin use case owner to provide the following information. what's the current percentage of testing automation regarding your use case and functional requirements; what will be the plan to be 100% and constraints (resources availability etc.)

Release TrackingR6 Frankfurt / M2All Team Members

Use Case Tracking Template

Need the U/C teams to fill out the Dev. Impacts.

More Generalized Use Case Template (discussed w/ Model team):

Use Case Tracking Template and Use Case Template

Frankfurt Release Requirements


Plug- fest

Demo Plugfest

POC & Plugfest in End June 2020

WINLAB? A1/O1 ORAN & ONAP Joint Plugfest

Panel Discussion - ? / Maybe in January-February

Setup. Bronze Release. / Slicing, Heart Beat-Health Check

Architecture TopicsArchitecture TopicsAll Team Memebers

Architecture Component Descriptions:

ONAP Architecture Component Description - Dublin

Architecture Flows:

Dublin ONAP Information Flows

Frankfurt Release Requirements


List of U/C Realization calls from R6 U/C Wiki: Release 6 (Frankfurt) proposed use cases and functional requirements

Apr 10, 2019Controller LCM API Evolution
  • Target is common LCM API in CCSDK usable by different controller personas to simplify for both clients and controller implementations
  • Support PNFs for applicable LCM operations in a consistent way
  • Enable use of CDS blueprint processor to customize behavior of LCM operations in the 'self-service' category
    • In ONAP R4, CDS can be used for pre/post-instantiation configuration. Generic and model-driven design should allow CDS usage to be extended for additional operations and use cases.
  • Evolution steps that preserve backwards compatibility for clients

May 1, 2019A&AI GraphGraph Visualizer

Visualizer for A&AI Model Layout

Use Case Realization Call: May 1, 2019

May 8, 2019A&AI Model Browser, Sparky

A&AI developer Model Browser to navigate and viewing attributes, object types & edge view

Recording & Slides: Use Case Realization Call: May 8, 2019

May 15, 2019A&AI Run Time Browser (Sparky)A&AI Run-Time Browser
May 22, 2019Edge Automation Overview & Discussion

Central & Distributed Edge ONAP configuration.

Topics include: Onboarding, Instantiation, Edge Orchestration, A&AI, Architecture, Work-flows, Multi-Tenancy

Use Case Realization Call: May 22, 2019

May 29, 2019Modeling, Use Case & Arch S/C Way of Working

Model S/C (Sub committee) contributions page: Modeling sub-committee Contributions

Jun 5, 2019Use Case slides for Dev. ForumUse Case Realization Call: June 5, 2019
July 10, 2019R6: PNF Software Upgrade

ONAP Read the Docs/R4 Announcements

WIKI: PNF software upgrade in R6 Frankfurt Overview & Presentation

July 24, 2019R6: OOF/SON PCI Use Case DemoNK ShankarOOF / PCI / SON Use Case  Discussion and Overview


5G NRM Configuration U/C Overviewyaoguang wang5G NRM (Network Resource Model) Configuration U/C Overview & Presentation


ORAN Standards HarmonizationORAN Standards Harmonization U/C Overview & Presentation


Modeling S/C guidelines & Use Case Interactions

Modeling S/C Process Wiki: Proposed ONAP Release Process Updates for Information and Data Modeling with Use Case Tracking Template and Use Case Template

R6 Modeling Req Plan wiki: ONAP R6 Modeling High Level Requirements


Licensing Management OverviewIntroduction of Licensing Management in R6


SDC & R6 Use Case Impacts DiscussionOfir SonsinoDiscussion with SDC PTL Ofir w/ the Use Case Teams and SDC commitments. See the summary Table for SDC impacting Use Cases.


VID & R6 U/C Discuss

Ittay Stern

Use Case Teams

Discussion with VID PTL (Ittay Stern) for R6 Use Case Impacts discussion and commitments for VID impacting Use Cases

Preparing slides for Use Cases at the Technical Conference Antwerp (for 5G/PNF use cases)


A&AI & R6 Use Case Impacts Discussion

Discussion with A&AI PTL (Jimmy Forsyth) and Chandra Cinthala for R6 A&AI Use Case Impacts discussion and commitments.

Use Case Realization Call: September 25, 2019


DCAE & R6 Use Case Impacts DiscussionVijay Venkatesh KumarDiscussion with DCAE PTL (Vijay Kumar) for R6 Use Case Impacts discussion and commitments for DCAE impacting Use Cases


M1 U/C discussionUse Case Teams

R6 M1 Deadline (Oct 10 2019)

M1 Checklist: Deliverables for Planning Milestone Checklist Template

READ THE DOCS:  > USER GUIDES > Verified Use Cases

and discussion with A&AI (James Forsyth ) continuing discussion from Sept 25.

Network Slicing has two proposals in R6 (LIN MENG CMCC and Swaminathan Seetharaman ). Need to align the two proposals and present at Use Case S/C meeting (Alla G.) and TSC and Architecture next week Oct 14.


PoC Planning & DiscussionTracy Van Brakle

Combination Plugfest & PoC 1st week of December bringing together subset of ONAP modules as SMO (svc mgmt orchestration) layer w/ other artifacts from ORAN S/W (LF). LF will publicize. Planned June 2020.

Co-Demo discussion Nokia & Ericsson: Plug Fest Planning Discussion Oct 28, 2019


RunTime Config DB (Data Persistency)

Discussion of the RunTime DB Use Case in R6 Frankfurt which introduces a Common Service Data Layer for a data lake to store configuration and operational parameters.

Component & Flows:

ARC RunTime DB Component Description - R6 Frankfurt

ARCHCOM: InfoFlow - RunTime Config DB Information Flow



OOF & R6 Use Case Impacts DiscussionShankar PN

Discussion with OOF PTL (Shankaranarayanan Puzhavakath Narayanan ) for R6 Use Case Impacts discussion and technical details for OOF impacting Use Cases


SO & R6 Use Case Impacts DiscussionDiscussion with SO PTL (Seshu Kumar) for R6 Use Case Impacts discussion and commitments.


PoC Planning & DiscussionTracy Van BrakleSync up on the Dec 5, 2019 ORAN/ONAP PlugFest & Demo


Network SlicingCMCC-Huawei-Tencent & Wipro-ATT-Amdocs joint Network Slicing proposal


No MeetingNo Meeting


MDONSXin Miao Presentation and discussion of Multi-domain Optical Network Services


Ctlr & R6 U/C ImpactsDan Timoney

Discussion with Controller (APP-C, SDN-C) PTL (Dan Timoney) for R6 Use Case Impacts to Controller project. A technical discussion, Q&A, and U/C analysis.

Recap of ONAP/ORAN Plugfest (Dec 5)



No MeetingNo MeetingNo meeting end of December due to Holidays & Vacations


Use Case DiscussionUse Case TeamsM2 Discussion


No MeetingNo MeetingNo meeting due to Prague DDF


M2/M3 DiscussionUse Case TeamsM2/M3 Deadline Discussion


5G Service Modeling




Network Slicing Presentation & DiscussionRefined Network Slicing Presentation & Discussion
Jan or FebRelease Manager DiscussionDavid McBride

Discussion with David McBride of the Linux Foundation, the R6 Release Manager regarding practices, wiki page updates, Jira dashboard and what is a use case? Release development process moving waterfall > agile/sprint

Release Planning: Frankfurt

Frankfurt Release Requirements

x, 2020CC-SDK and E2E AutomationYuriy MalakovCC-SDK & E2E Automation
April / MayWay of Working ProcessBenjamin Cheung

Process for Modeling WoW and development with Architecture & Modeling.

Proposed ONAP Release Process Updates for Information and Data Modeling

?PNF Plug & Play w/ SOuser-063b3PNF Plug and Play SO BPMN Work-flows to Building Blocks (BB)
Jan or FebDocumentation ProjectsSofia WallinProcess ReadtheDocs
MarchDiscussion of Use Case Template for R7

Filling out, describing and creating the Wiki for a Use Case

Use Case Tracking Template and Use Case Template

Proposed Functional Template for Use Cases

March/AprilORAN Bronze Rel & ONAP Plugfest PlanningPlanning for ORAN Bronze Rel & ONAP Plugfest Planning



RECORDING for U/C Realization

Zoom Video & Audio (MP4)

Audio Only (M4A)

Playback (M3U)

Chat (Txt)