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WORK IN PROGRESS - focus will be automated testing so some rows will be deleted from the table

Color Guide

For 2019-08-01 - ONLY Completed items should be green. 





Use Case

Functional Requirement

Nonfunctional Requirement

Test CasesLabIntegration Test Lead


(remaining days of effort)

Video URL

Detailed Test Status

Quick NotesDoc status

CI integration*



Model Driven Control Loop Design 


(vDNS is part of scale out use case below #10)

Intel / Windriver

onboard -PASS

instantiate - PASS

closedloop - PASS


Retest with Policy FIX

Robot fix for automation

POLICY-2109 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INT-1272 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2Use Case: Residential Broadband vCPE (Approved)

vCPE Integration Test Case

Intel / Windriver


bng - PASS

gmux - PASS

ResCust - distribute PASS

ResCust - tunnel-xconn-assign - PASS

               tunnel-xconn- create - PASS

               vnf and vfmodule  create PASS

             brg-tunnel config  - PASS

             Traffic Flows - PASS

Closed-Loop - gmux → ves → tca → policy - PASS

   Policy → AAI, Policy → APPC , APPC →  Openstack PASS

COMPLETED tooling issues

Looks like

Error messages back from APPC despite successful restart of VM

SO-2351 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-2354 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-2375 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INT-1265 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-2401 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDNC-939 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SDNC-940 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INT-1323 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INT-1324 - Getting issue details... STATUS

3vCPE with TOSCA

vCPE(tosca) with HPA - Integration test cases

Intel / Windriver

All test cases have been passed for supporting ovp tosca vnf validation and the following test is triggered by CLI in windriver lab

  1. service design - PASS
  2. service distribute -PASS
  3. NS/VNF package onboardding -PASS
  4. NS create/instantiate - PASS
  5. NS terminate/delete- PASS


45G - Realtime PM and High Volume Stream Data Collection5G - Real Time PM and High Volume Stream Data Collection - Integration Test Cases

Intel / Windriver


e2e scenarios passed on sb00

CSIT passed in release-daily

Minor Edit otherwise looks good.

55G - PNF PnP

5G - PNF PnP - Integration Test Cases

Intel / Windriver


e2e scenario passed on sb00

SO-2289 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-2349 - Getting issue details... STATUS

6 5G - Bulk PM

5G - Bulk PM - Test Status

Intel / Windriver


E/// lab


INT-1296 - Getting issue details... STATUS

75G - Configuration with NETCONF

5G - PNF Configuration via Netconf - Test Status



Manual test


CSITs are also passing which test this usecase for SOsim-> Blueprint-processor -> SDNC -> PNFsim. link is

SO-2349 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Testing completed on windriver SB00 

with image versions

SO-bpmn : 1.5.3

Blueprint processor : 0.6.4-STAGING-latest





5G - Preonboarding/Onboarding - Test Status

Intel / Windriver

PNF Preonboarding (VNF SDK):

Marcin Przybysz

Krzysztof Kuzmicki

Dermot Melia

PNF Onboarding (SDC):

Andy Walshe

Preonboarding PASS

Manual test case using

95G - OOF and PCI 

5G - OOF and PCI - Integration Test Cases


10Scale Out

Scale Out - Integration Test Cases and Status

Intel / Windriver

Retesting using the latest released images.

Manual scale out


Automated (closed-loop based) scale out: 


Manual scale out: it works with direct call to SO APIs. There is an issue with VID that will be addressed in Frankfurt as it requires to rearchitect the current approach:  VID-659 - Getting issue details... STATUS

11CCVPNCCVPN Integration Test CasesCMCC

Regression test for service  creation, service change

service creation - PASS

service change  -PASS

service deletion - PASS



vFW/vDNS HPA Testing

(Test Plan 1 in

HPA & Cloud Agnostic Intent - R3 Test Plan)
Intel / Windriver


Service instance creation fails because of error that occurs in homing. This bug is currently blocking further testing. A workaround for the SO bug has been created. See the SO bug for details.

Now seeing another blocking error in OOF, also blocking service instance creation. 


SDC-2588 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-2378 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OPTFRA-598 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OPTFRA-608 - Getting issue details... STATUS

13Change Management - Flexible Designer & Orchestrator


1) Designing custom workflows with Workflow Designer

2) Distributing custom workflows to SO

3) Deploying the custom workflow in SO

4) Sending workflow metadata to VID

5) Triggering custom workflow execution from VID

6) Executing custom workflows in SO

Intel / Windriver


Work arounds for some functionality.

Remaining functions deferred to Frankfurt

1) Complete

2) 90% Complete

3) Complete

4) 85% Complete

5) Complete

6) 80% Complete In-Progress. 9 Building Blocks successfully tested (Check, Set & Unset Maintenance Flags, Check, Set, and Unset Closed Loop Disabled Flag, Lock & Unlock vNF, and End Workflow.). PauseforManual testing in-progress.

SDC-2541 - Getting issue details... STATUS

VID-671 - Getting issue details... STATUS

(671 upgraded from medium 10/7)

VID-672 - Getting issue details... STATUS

(672 upgraded from medium 10/7)

SO-2403 - Getting issue details... STATUS SO-2434 - Getting issue details... STATUS SO-2433 - Getting issue details... STATUS SO-2441 - Getting issue details... STATUS VID-675 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SO-2482 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Traffic Distribution

Change Management Dublin Extensions


1) Instantiation of vFWDT

2) Configuration of OOF Policies for vFWDT

3) Execution of OSDF/HAS requests for data collection

4) Configuration of VNF profiles in CDT

5) Configuration of Ansible Server

6) Execution of TD workflow

Intel / Windriver







Retesting using the latest released immages.


2) Possible only on Chrome Browser

Ansible 0.4.4

APPC 1.6.4

PORTAL-760 - Getting issue details... STATUS

15Change Management - 5G PNG Software Upgrade

Change Management - 5G PNF Software Upgrade Integration Test Status

Intel / Windriver

Regression Testing for LCM:upgrade-pre-check/upgrade-software/upgrade-post-check/rollback(No Change in el alto)

COMPLETD 100%  Enbo Wang yaoguang wang

16Change Management - Schedule Optimization
Intel / Windriver


  • Manually run the ETE tests locally before merging changes. (Done)
  • Manually run the ETE test suite in Windriver SB-xx with AAF enabled when merging changes (Done)
  • The integration test team has HC test for all components, so that is automatically covered.  This is waiting on RC0 availability and an OOM change that has been in the pipeline waiting for RC0 for months
  • The ETE test suite also runs in CSIT and Sonar jobs with AAF disabled. (In progress)
  • Manually run the ETE tests in the IT Release Daily with AAF enabled.  (Waiting on RC0)

17BBS Broadband Service Use Case (Dublin)BBS Use Case Tracking (Dublin Release)#TestingBBS Swisscom Lab

18VSP Compliance Check within SDC (Dublin) - Phase 1VSP Compliance Check within SDC - Integration Test PlanVodafone

19K8S based Cloud Region Support - vFW Use caseDeploy vFW Helm Chart using Multicloud K8s Plugin in Kubernetes Cloudintel / Windriver


Retest distribution with SO 1.5.3 (includes SO-2357 fix) passed.

Create and delete verified with fixes provided by two jira's - as noted

Closed Loop test worked.

SO-2357 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

MULTICLOUD-835 - Getting issue details... STATUS

OOM-2117 - Getting issue details... STATUS

20K8S based Cloud Region Support - EdgeXFoundry Use caseDeploy EdgeXFoundry Helm Chart using Multicloud K8s Plugin in Kubernetes CloudIntel/ Windriver


Onboarding of Edgex chart is ongoing. The tar.gz has been created for the chart.

Installation was completed and pods deployed.

SO-2357 - Getting issue details... STATUS will block progress on this.


ETSI Alignment

SO plugin to support SOL003 to connect to an external VNFM


new CSIT is used for automated testing

CSIT testing simulators have been implemented, and SO and SOL003 Adapter have been tested by leveraging simulators and CSIT test scripts

SO-1638 - Getting issue details... STATUS

25Improve our E2E Process Automation


OOM verify Job Deployer

COMPLETED  – Yuriy Malakov Abdelmuhaimen Seaudi

E2E vLB testing: 

  • Service Assign - Passed
  • VNF Assign - Passed
  • VF Module Assign - Passed
  • CDS ConfigAssign - Passed
  • Create in Openstack: Passed
  • CDS Config Deploy: Passed

Current failure status:  [closed] - JIRA

Fails at the SO to CDS step for config assign. 

"statusMessage": "Exception in java.util.LinkedHashMap cannot be cast to java.lang.String",

26S3P - Footprint Optimization (Integration with Alpine)


27Component/memory optimization: Ongoing Assessment


28Global optimization (e.g. shared DB) - stretch goal=shared PostgreSQL; shared MariaDB


aai + sdc: Cassandra

sdnc + so : MariaDB

29S3P- Geo-Redundancy


30SOL 004 (VNF Package Security)

5G - Preonboarding/Onboarding - Test Status

Ericsson, Intel / Windriver

Preonboarding PASS

Manual test case using

31xNF communication security enhancements.xNF communication security enhancements - Tests Description and Status


32Locale/Internationalization language support



34HPA vIPsecvIPsec HPA testingIntel / Windriver


35Health Checks for PODSPercentage coverage of Health Checks for Running PODSIntegration

36New Installation Tests in 3 labs


Orange  (Rocky)
Morgan Richomme

Ericsson Lab  (Rocky)

Robot Keyword Testing




59*/61 Orange Lab

58*/61 E// Lab

(*SO tooling issue)



1 VFC sub-module (PASS in Orange; PASS in E// on retest)

CDS blueprint (PASS in Orange)


48/49 Intel/Windriver  LabOOF-CMSO

Tweaks: M4 SDNC and remove log/pomba



vfwclosedloop <png_ip>PASS




init: PASS

infra: PASS



loop: PASS

noloss: PASS


72 Hour Stability Runonboard/instantiatePASS


HTTP Certificate Expiry Test


clamp 3/2020

dmaap 3/2020

root@dev-robot-robot-5f67d595b6-cl6bc:/var/opt/ONAP# ./
host:aaf-service.onap Not After : Oct 11 01:09:04 2020 GMT
host:aai.onap Not After : Sep 27 19:34:54 2020 GMT
host:appc.onap Not After : Jul 15 19:49:01 2029 GMT
host:clamp-backend.onap Not After : Mar 21 16:16:58 2020 GMT
host:clamp-external.onap Not After : Mar 21 16:16:58 2020 GMT
host:clamp.onap Not After : Mar 21 16:16:58 2020 GMT
host:config-binding-service.onap Not After : Apr 10 09:58:41 2020 GMT
host:dcae-cloudify-manager.onap Not After : Apr 10 09:58:41 2020 GMT
host:deployment-handler.onap Not After : Apr 10 09:58:41 2020 GMT
host:dmaap-bc.onap Not After : Mar 22 17:37:39 2020 GMT
host:dmaap-dr-node.onap Not After : Apr 1 09:24:11 2020 GMT
host:dmaap-dr-prov.onap Not After : Apr 1 09:49:34 2020 GMT
host:msb-eag.onap Not After : Mar 15 02:08:14 2027 GMT
host:msb-iag.onap Not After : Mar 15 02:08:14 2027 GMT
host:pap.onap Not After : Aug 22 23:43:27 2020 GMT
host:portal-app.onap Not After : Apr 15 18:38:36 2020 GMT
host:sdc-be.onap Not After : Sep 9 11:33:20 2020 GMT
host:sdc-fe.onap Not After : Sep 9 11:33:20 2020 GMT
host:sdc-wfd-fe.onap Not After : Aug 18 11:38:03 2015 GMT
host:sdnc-portal.onap Not After : Apr 26 17:48:01 2020 GMT
host:sdnc.onap Not After : Apr 26 17:48:01 2020 GMT
host:vid.onap Not After : Oct 3 11:52:42 2020 GMT

DCAEGEN2-1539 - Getting issue details... STATUS

*: CI integration: the goal is to introduce the use case in CI daily chains for Frankfurt. Ths table could be completed with a CI dashboard where the use cases will be run every day.

As it should be runnable in any lab, some constraints need to be considered:

  • no proprietary VNFs                                            
  • use cases must be self-content , third party equiments may not be present in all labs.
  • infrastructure setup/teardown shall be clear: the use case must be runnable from a clean ONAP installation. These resources must be cleaned at the end of the test ,
  • results shall be pushed to a common DB. It is recommended ot use xtesting to run the tests (robotframework, python, bash, unit test drivers)

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