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  • This page should be filled by PTLs as "self-grade" check list.

Project NameProject Tech. LeadHealth Check (OOM)Heath Check (Heat)Pair Wise Testing ChecklistMaturity
A & AI Jimmy ForsythPassPassA&AI Pair Wise TestingPass - AAI R2 Beijing - Integration Test Plans
Application Authorization Framework



AAF Pair Wise Testing

AAF-SMSRam KoyaPassPassN/AN/A
APPCPassPassAPPC Pair Wise TestingPass (APPC Beijing Testing Scope and Status)
CLAMPPassPassCLAMP Pair Wise TestingPass
Common Controller SDKN/AN/AN/AN/A

DCAE Pair Wise Testing

Pass (Details: DCAE R2 Testing Scope and Status)
DMaaPRam KoyaPassPassDMaaP Pair Wise TestingPass- DMaaP R2 Beijing S3P
External API FrameworkPassPassExternalAPI Pair Wise TestingSecurity - Passed
HolmesPassPassHolmes Pair Wise TestingN/A
IntegrationHelen ChenN/AN/ARobot Pair Wise TestingN/A
Logging Enhancements Project PassN/A (not in heat)Logging Pair Wise Testing


Scaling, Resiliency

LOG-376 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Microservices BusPassPassMSB Pair Wise Testing (Will be covered by other projects)Will be covered by all other projects using MSB
ModelingN/A (lib)N/A (lib)Modeling Pair Wise TestingN/A
Multi VIM/CloudPassPassMultiVIM Pair Wise TestingPASS
MusicBharath BalasubramanianN/AN/AN/AN/A


CLI Pair Wise TestingPASS
ONAP Operations ManagerN/AN/AN/AN/A
ONAP Optimization FrameworkSarat PuthenpuraPass

OOF Pair Wise Testing.

Pass (OOF Beijing S3P Status)
ONAP UniversityNermin MohamedN/AN/AN/AN/A
ONAP Usecase UI Project ProposalPassPassUUI Pair Wise TestingPass - Usecase-UI R2 Beijing S3P
Policy Framework Project ProposalPassPassPolicy Pair Wise TestingPass - Policy R2 Beijing - Integration Test Plans
Portal Platform Project ProposalPassPassPortal Pair Wise TestingPass - Portal R2 Beijing - Integration Test Plans
SDN-CPassPassSDNC Pair Wise TestingPass
Service Design & CreationPass (SB04)PassSDC Pair Wise Testing

Pass SDC Beijing S3P Status

Service OrchestratorPass (SB04)Pass

SO Pair Wise Testing

Pass - SO - Beijing S3P
VF-C: Virtual Function ControllerPassPassVFC Pair Wise TestingPass-VF-C R2 Beijing - S3P
VID projectPassPassVID Pair Wise Testing

Pass - VID Beijing S3P Status

VNF SDKPassPassVNFSDK Pair Wise TestingN/A
VNF RequirementsN/AN/AN/AN/A
VNF Validation (VVP)Non-blocking In ProgressN/AN/AN/A
ONAP Benchmark

Contact: Yan Chen

Approved as Integration Subproject